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USAF Wild Weasel F-16CJ in 1/48

December 31, 2019 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.7K

This is a quick three day build of Tamiya's superb quarter scale series...

I've been meaning to do one for years and finally got around to it - a stunning kit that goes together perfectly. Chose the Tiger Meet markings to add a bit more colour to the interesting but drab multiple greys of the modern markings.

Really happy with how it turned out in terms of colour modulation and weathering without going overboard. I see why people swear by these kits!

Build video here:

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  1. Wow ! 3 days to turn out this beauty ? Amazing to say the least. You did a fine job with it, and that's a cool set of markings you chose.


    • Haha, they were three days with at least one spent almost exclusively in the workshop so in terms of hours put in, it's not very impressive... Very pleased you like the finish - thanks as ever Louis!

  2. Seriously, in three days, can't say I could have done that so I tip my hat to you Justin. Nicely done she really looks good.

  3. Yeah - I can't get through a kit that fast! Yours turned out great! And fun to see the F-2 on the table next to it - I'm finishing up a 1/72 F-2B that I'll post soon. Such a cool aircraft in my opinion...

    • Thanks Greg! Yeah, I do like the F-2 comparison shot. The F-2 has got to be one of the most beautiful modern jet schemes... so unique! Good luck with yours; will watch for the post!

  4. It seem like you have build all day all night.. Damn this is incredible

    • Haha, it was an obsessive effort! Thanks Adam

      • I would like to ask one think. I have this exact same model but I want to buy a lot of accessories for it, but I am worried about the decals. They seem thick. Would you have any advice for me, how to deal with them?

        • Hi Adam, I'd have a couple of suggestions re accessories... firstly, a resin ejector seat may turn out to be more trouble than it's worth given the snug fit of the cockpit. The decals are somewhat on the thick side, but I found that with micro-sol and micro-set they conformed ok in the end - albeit only after multiple coats of micro-sol and pressing down with cotton buds... You could always get some cartograf aftermarket decal sheets though - after all, there are loads of interesting F-16 markings out there! If you're still finding the kit decals too thick after application, spray two coats of a strong lacquer varnish such as Mr Color Super Clear III diluted 1:3 with Mr Levelling Thinner over the whole kit and then gently sand down the varnish over the decals themselves and polish again - should give you a fully flush 'painted on' look. Be careful not to sand too far and destroy the decals of course!

          • Okey, I am useing the Mr Color Super Clear III and Mr Levelling Thinner but in my country the microscale stuff isn't available so I am useing the Mr.hobby setter and softer allthough I can get the micro Sol but not Set :(. I want to buy resin Engine, whells and Big Ed for it. The engine isn't a nessesity but I love the GE F110. Thanks a lot 😉

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