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Lockheed HC-130N Hercules

This is the original tooling of the Airfix C-130 kit. I have built it as a USAF HC-130N CSAR aircraft or as the USAF puts it "the only dedicated fixed-wing Personnel Recovery platform in the Air Force inventory". To build the [...]

P-38J Lightning - Academy - 1/72

Lockheed P-38J Lightning 44-23631 'Double Trouble' 367th FG 392nd FS 1/72 - Academy kit CMK F72221 Eduard EDCX087 Eduard 7701 Quickboost QB72304 Academy 13403 Kits-World KW172227 Studyo Pera Modelling 72001 Studyo Pera Modelling [...]

SR-71 & XB-35

A friend of mine was given two old kits , he asked me to build them for him. One was a 1/72 Revell SR-71 with a drone mounted on top... the other was an AMT/Ertl 1/72 XB-35 flying wing... The SR-71 was simple to build. If it had been [...]

Rivet City (Monogram) HU-16B

One to add to my archive. I made this one some years ago. Festooned with rivets, I did my best to get a good fit between parts so I could avoid sanding them away. Tamiya spray can silver and Testors paints finished the job.

Box Scale XB-70

I’ve done a few “nostalgia builds” this year and interestingly (to me anyway) most of them were kits that I wish I had made as a kid but I didn’t. This Lindberg box scale XB-70 sort of falls in that category. I wanted a companion [...]

USAF C-47 Skytrain

This is a 1/72 MPC C-47... although the box describes it as a DC-3. This is originally an Airfix release kit and had a “Made in England” slip of paper in the bag with the parts . The fit of the parts was generally good, and there was [...]

Desktop BUFF/X-15

Here’s a blast from the past from Atlantis, the B-52/X-15 combo kit. Originally produced by Revell, Scalemates says the mold goes back to 1954 for the B-52 and the 1:175 scale combo was first issued in 1961. I wish Atlantis reissuing [...]

Trainer: Northrop T-38C Talon IITrumpeter 1/48

This post will be quick and dirty, just like this build. The kit itself is very simple, as is the airframe. It does have a nice petite coke-bottle shape that most can appreciate, and the model itself scream petite when you pick it up. It [...]

Airfix E-8C JSTARS 93-0597, Ex QANTAS 707-338C VH-EBU

Boeing 707-338C c/n 19294-550 rolled off the Boeing production line at Seattle (Renton) - December 14, 1966 and first flown at Renton as VH-EBU on February 13, 1967. EBU was accepted by Qantas Airways at Seattle (Boeing Field) on March [...]

General Dynamics F 16A, 81-0679 / 6 Thunderbirds aerobatic team, USAF, Nellis AFB 1990,

1/72 Hasegawa with Italeri VS, built 2009 to 2010, finished in C212 and Humbrol enamels with Future over Italeri decals, flown by Capt Mike "Mo" Beale / solo.