Hobby Boss 1/48 Messerschmitt Me262B-1a/U1 Nightfighter, Kommando Welter – 10./NJG11

Here´s another interesting and not often built scheme, built in 2016
kit with Aeromaster decals, stencils partly from the sparesbox, brake line on front leg and seat belts added, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics.

Aircraft of Kommando Welter, later designated 10./ towards the end of war. Only a handful two-seat nightfighters were used in battle more or less successful, mostly against Mosquito NFs and British 4-Mots.
"Red 8" was captured by British troops and later found its way to South Africa were it is now displayed in a museum.

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  1. I love the 262, and you nailed this one. The nightfighter, or Nachtjager, is my favorite variant. Well done.

  2. Very nice camouflage paint work!

  3. Hello Reinhard,
    My compliments on this highly difficult spray paint scheme.
    The finish is fantastic.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  4. Sorry, not to cast anything on your very nice model, but there were no 2-seat Me-262s used by Kommando Welter or anyone else in combat. It's one of those stories that those who think writing an aviation history book is a case of copy-and-paste keep coming up with despite being slapped down repeatedly. (This is why identifying oneself as a "military historian" too often results in laughter from actual historians)

    I interviewed Jorg Czypionka back in 1998. He was the last surviving pilot of Kdo Welter, and he emphasized that the unit was a Wilde-Sau unit when I specifically asked him about the stories of the 2-seaters seeing combat. "And besides, Kurt Welter picked these up 10 days before the end of the war, there was no time to train anyone if we had wanted to."

    Welter, unlike Galland and the true believers in JV 44, had figured out in 1944 that "the jig was up." He collected Me-262s wherever he could find them, because he planned to use them as negotiating chips when the war ended. Just three days before the end of the war, they took all the airplanes up to Schleswig Holstein on the Danish border, so they could surrender to the British. (If you look at all the photos identified by the otherwise-unemployables claiming Hexspurtese that show "operational" 2 seat Me-262s, the photos were all taken the week AFTER V-E Day, and most of the "ground crew" identified in the photos are actually British Army troops.)

    Welter's collection of Me-262s became all the Me-262s that were taken by the Allies (Galland & Co. blowing theirs up after agreeing to turn them over, which act got them into a lot of trouble with people they later wished they had stuck to their agreement with), and are most of those still in existence today. While he and his men spent the summer of 1945 teaching Allied pilots how to fly Me-262s so they could be taken away, Welter sent his men in small groups to a British-run POW camp where he had bribed the commandant, and they spent a week in the camp and then got their discharge papers. So when all the Me-262s were done with and the Brits running the operation told Welter apologetically that he and his men would now have to go to POW camp, "We pulled out our discharge papers and they let us walk off the field, free men," as Jorg put it.

    Whenever this garbage-masquerading-as-"history" comes along, I squash it like the ugly little bug it is. The real story is always more interesting.

    Once again, lots of nice work on the model and a great result.

  5. Very nice work, especially the painting.
    Your model finally convinced me that HobbyBoss 262 does look like a good model. Since Dragon two seater is hard to get (and somewhat expensive) I think I might give this model a try.

    • Pedro, @holzhamer
      I have almost all of the 1/48 scale Hobby Boss versions of the Me-262 in my stash, and they are very nice looking "in the box". So far I have yet to build one of these, but hopefully that will change, so I can pass on a better judgment on the type. I have built several other HB kits and I really like how they go together. The fit is very nice, and I didn't need any filler on any of the kits I have assembled from this company. Their early F4F Wildcat is a little gem.

      Occasionally they make a mistake, (like the radiator on the Ta-152 C-0), but for the most part they look very presentable as is. If you want me to, I can send you pictures of the plastic inside the box...

    • The HB 262s are more or less a copy of the Tamiya kit and are almost as good. And they are cheaper ?
      So you can't go wrong grabbing one of those kits.

  6. This is a very nicely done model... I especially like how it has been painted. The mottling camouflage looks spot on to my eyes... You are tempting me to drag out a few of these kits from my stash and start gluing them together ! This is a fabulous build, and I sincerely like this one a whole lot !

    Please do not take the comments listed by our resident "historian" as an insult. I don't think this was his intent, but like others, (myself included in this lot), he is not always right...and he has been shown so on occasion by those who have the intestinal fortitude to do so.

    Even when he is presented with photographic proof, or a copy of an official written document, showing something opposite or contrary to what he says, he occasionally continues to spread "his" version of history instead of "squashing it like a bug" as he claims. This is nothing more than a propaganda statement on his part, that he uses to sell his books.

    This is where it pays to do your own research and form your own informed opinion, not always taking his words as "Gospel". There is truth in his statement that not everything you read is always true... including some of the things that he has personally written. But I wont go into details here... This is not the place.

    He is correct on a lot of things, but not "always correct" as he would lead you to believe...none of us are here. Please keep this in mind, and don't let his comment ruin your experience here on Imodeler, especially since you are fairly new to the website and have yet to be "Cleavered". What you just experienced was a sample taste of what could follow... it is a right of passage for most who have been posting on here long enough. Most consider it to be annoying, and sadly, some have even left Imodeler because of his occasionally unacceptable behavior.

    However lately it has improved... A leopard doesn't change it's spots, and it will most likely return to "business as usual" soon.

    Most of the time this is a very friendly place...

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • You really need to reconsider that decision not to take that remedial night school class in Reading Comprehension, since none of what you said has the slightest to do with anything I said, since nothing I said had anything negative about the model. But then, old white male in Florida, what else do you get...?

      • You should stick to writing fiction, Socialist political articles, and dirty books... That's something you excel at instead of taking your "greater than thou" approach you almost always display here. Why you haven't been banned from here like you have at other places is still beyond me.

        I'm the "not so" famous Tom Cleaver. A legend in my own mind and occasionally known as Tommy the Commie, and "Tom Cooper" on Britmodeler where I have been banned.

        I know more than any of you, I have received a lot of free hobby stuff to review and c**p on if I don't like it, my models always look better than anyone else's (even though my 3rd grade cat painted the wheels for me), you did this wrong with your build, and above all don't make any negative comments about MY stuff because I will get my little itty bitty feelings hurt... Let's not even go there about your version of history.

        You are the first to make a negative comment on everyone but you can't take it... and here's proof right now. You are the poison apple and if allowed to run free will ruin the whole lot.

        As far as an old white male... I'm not nearly as old as you, so are you jealous ? I'd rather live in Florida than California, that's my choice. Everyone knows that's where the "Fountain of Youth" was. Just ask Ponce Deleon, he will tell you... Judging by your new photo of yourself, you have been looking for it haven't you ? That's a much nicer picture of you by the way. A marked improvement over the old one.

        I get it... That's what I get. I know what makes you tick. Now go pet your cat, squash a bug, and make up some more "fake" history for real historians to laugh at.

        This is supposed to be a place to comment about the fabulous looking Me-262 that Reinhardt's father built. It's a beautiful model.

        You should think about how other members, (especially new ones like Reinhardt), are treated before you dump on their article. God knows how many new Imodeler members you have run off with your snide comments.

        This is getting old... but your usual MO. See ? a leopard and it's spots.

        Cease Fire... and I will too. Others don't want to see us go at it again. But I will if you want me to... I will, and you know it.

        Let's have a Christmas Truce. Surely you remember that one don't you ?

        How's that for reading comprehension class ?

  7. Thanks for sharing your splendid model!

  8. That scheme really does pop, Hobby Boss can really provide some really nice kits, looks like the Me-262 series maybe one of them. May pick up a couple of them. The point is that you presented an excellent model. Regardless of the history, you shared a model of the 262, a very rare variant that you don't really see much of. As Pedro mentioned, the DML/Dragon is hard to find now. And not as user friendly like the Tamiya kit, but you mentioned that Hobby Boss may follow a similar build experience as well. I will get a couple. Your works are quite impressive, so I look forward to the next one. As Louis mentioned, the "resident know it all" actually described himself in his little drama piece. Don't pay attention to him. Keep building and as most as you noticed admire you work. It is quite amazing. Merry Christmas

    • Thanks for your words!

      No further new model will see the finish line this year, so I'll post some more interesting/rare schemes, two 262s among them, until years end.?

      My father has built a lot of WW2 Luftwaffe stuff in the past years and during research you find out, that infos often differ. To be sure you would have to go back with a time machine to see for yourself ?
      He tries to get it historically right, if not it doesn't matter that much. Most important thing is to have fun ?

      Merry Christmas to you too ?

  9. Great paintwork. I like these late war German schemes a lot.

  10. Very lovely mottling on that scheme - much more dense than I'm used to seeing, and well done.
    Great-looking model!

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