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Thank you Gary!

December 31, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 11 · 1.6K

In addition to Chuck, Louis, and Tom, there is yet another person to thank for my growing stash of models. For this post, its Gary Sausmikat! He sent me two tanks, a panther and a marder III, as well as the USS Gato. He also sent me a guidebook of useful techniques for building my models. Keep an eye out for build logs of these models too, as I will definately make them. And I am sorry I didn't thank you sooner, family issues got in the way. So, thank you Gary, and happy new years!

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  1. Those look like some really cool kits. I have built the Tamiya Marder before, and it is a nice fitting and a fun to build kit. Both of these Tamiya armor models will give you some options as to how you want to paint it. There were a lot of different camouflage schemes and various colors used by the Germans, and no two were alike...

    Back in the day, Shep Paine was the "go to guy" for building anything...and they often included small pamphlets that he wrote in the original Monogram kits from the 1970's, that showed you how to build dioramas. He is still considered a legend by some to this very day. That is an excellent book to learn some new modeling techniques, and a "must have" for anyone who wants to learn more about the hobby. This book will be especially helpful for you as you build the Panther and Marder. By the way, the Panther is still my all time favorite tank ever... and I was a "tanker" (tank crewman) in the M-60's and M-1A1 tanks when I served in the Army.

    Have some fun with these, and Happy New Year to you too.

    Way to go Gary ! @gwskat Pay it forward buddy... nice job !

    • "Back in the day". Did he pass away? And I love that you were a tanker. That is so cool, and it used to be my dream was to be a tank crewman. But I think there is a height limit? I cant remember.

      • I'm not sure if he has passed away or not... maybe someone else can chime in that knows. As far as a height restriction to be a tanker, not in the US Army. I have heard rumors about this being true in the Soviet Union, because their tanks always had such a low profile and the turrets were so short in height. Here again, this was only a rumor, and I can't confirm this.

        Here's a photo of me sitting on the side of the turret of a tank I crewed. I was the driver at this time.

        This next photo was taken by a friend of mine as I went down range during a gunnery exercise as the Tank Commander for the very first time in an M-60A-1. That's me you see sticking out of the Commanders cupola.

        I had a lot of good times in the Army, and some bad. It goes with the territory and I think it's an honor to serve your Country. Most veterans feel this way.

  2. Way to go Jordyn, looks like your off to a good start heading into the new year. And yes sorry to report that Shep did pass away in August 2015. But he was the man when it came to details, dios, etc. I also learned from his tips and techniques.

  3. Looks like you'll have a fun filled 2020 Jordyn.

  4. You are more than welcome, Jordyn! And certainly no apologies are necessary. Life gets in the way for all of us. I'm sorry it didn't arrive prior to Christmas.
    Prior to the internet and all the current information, good or bad, Shep Paine was one of "THE" sources and inspirations for the non-cyber generation. I still refer to his Diorama book and use his techniques all the time.
    I am so looking forward to seeing all your builds in 2020. Good luck and enjoy!

  5. The Marder is a very good kit and comes with a nice selection of paint schemes, have fun with them

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