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Hello. My name is Jordyn Collier. I am a sophomore in highschool, I am 16 years old, and I am in Air Force JROTC. I plan on joining the army as an infantryman (air force was the only ROTC). I live in Arizona, and many of my favorite activities involve the outdoors. I got into modeling at a young age, and it has improved drastically. A good example is the Spitfire I just built compared to the Stuka from my early years (both articles available on my page). I rather like this community of people, and I’m glad I found this site when I was looking for a paint scheme for a corsair. Seriously, I was in Google looking for corsair paint schemes, I found one I liked, clicked it, saw this url, then found this wonderful community. Keep up the good work, and happy modeling!

Academy 1/48 F4U-1 Corsair

I bring to you my F4U-1 Corsair in 1/48th scale, a gift from Louis Gardner. This model was a labor to build. I loved the kit so much. It was a fun project and even had some unexpected challenges fit wise that I ended up solving. I thought the pr[...]

Thank you Robert Royes, aka roofrat!

A late arrival, mostly due to me because I havent been here in a week to check the mail, but I would like to thank Mr. Robert Royes, who sent me this 1/48 scale M4 Sherman and Fw 190 by monogram. This came with a display, so keep an eye out, Rob[...]

Airbrush Ideas

Hey yall. I've been considering saving up for an airbrush so I can make my painting easier and better. Do any of you know of a trustworthy and well made one?

Thank you Gary!

In addition to Chuck, Louis, and Tom, there is yet another person to thank for my growing stash of models. For this post, its Gary Sausmikat! He sent me two Tamiya tanks, a panther and a marder III, as well as the USS Gato. He also sent me a gui[...]

Thank you Tom!

Before Chirstmas, I had no idea what would be in store for me. And I'm sorry this went up so late, but family issues got in the way. So, thank you Tom Bebout for this wonderful package of a Blue Angel's F-18 and the Monogram Mosquito! These addi[...]

Thank you Louis Gardener!

Another Christmas gift from another great person. I really dont know how to articulate my thanks for these awesome gifts. Louis included a P-40 and a Corsair for me to build, both being in 1/48th scale. I've built academy before, but this other [...]

Thank you Chuck!

The other day, I got a message from a fellow modeler on this site named Chuck Villanueva, who wanted to send me a gift. And I was reluctant at first, I didnt know what to say, but I ultimately exchanged details with him, and he sent me this MONS[...]

Revell 1/32 P-51b “Berlin Express”

This is my first 1/32 scale plane, and it is a monster. I built this plane in 2 months, and it took about 40-45 hours to do. I've been wanting to do a 1/32 scale for a while now, and didnt know where to start, as most 1/32 planes are a little pr[...]

Quick comparison.

I dont have any models to build at the moment. I've finished all major projects. But I was looking through my model pics, and I cannot believe how much I've improved. Below I have two spitfires and two stukas, and they could not be more differen[...]

Finished Ju 87G-1

I liked building this, but the canopy gave me nightmares. Well, it is an old kit, soooo...... but it is finished and nice. I'm glad I did a good job on it.