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I am 15, getting really into modeling now. I want to learn as much as possible so I can create the most realistic model that I can before I join the army in 3 years. I love to hike, I restore antique gas engines and tractors for my club I am a part of. My favorite tank: KV 2. My favorite plane: F4-U Corsair.

A fixer upper project

This kit has so many things wrong with it. I'm not sure of the scale, of the plane type, but it was given to me (temporarily) to fix and clean by my ROTC Instructor Major Whited. I would like to pick your collective brains to clean, take apart, [...]

Spitfire Mk.XVI Bubbletop by Eduard

This plane was surprisingly fun to build. Origionally, I did not like the idea of the clipped wing. I thought it looked ugly. But, I bought this kit by Eduard and I really like the way it looks. I spent a little more time than normal on making s[...]

Back with the C-47

I have begun assembly of this magnificent bird. Gaps are to be filled with Tamiya putty, and then I will put on the wings, and then a final layer of dope, and then it's time to paint! There are various patch spots where my clumsy self accidental[...]

Another C-47 Update

Sorta forgot to update for a while there. I have gotten pretty far. In these pictures, the plane is held together with pins, as I have not sanded the leading or trailing edges of the plane. I just wanted to get an idea of the size, and how it wo[...]

Update No.2: C-47 Skytrain

Hello Imodeler! It's been a while. A few months ago you may remember me posting an article called "What is this?" You guys, with your expert knowledge of plane identification, guessed correctly. I am building a C-47! This update is of the tail s[...]

Junkers Ju-87 Stuka Tank Buster

I made this one a while ago when I first started. I thought I'd share it to yall because I am really considering changing the paint job on it. This one, when I made it, was done by sketching a wing, then adding the angular green and dark green s[...]

What is this?

Hello all. It's me again. I am so excited. I just finished the fuselage of this scale balsa wood plane that I've been working on since October. What do you think this is? Also, it had the option to turn it into RC or rubber band powered, and see[...]

My First Spitfire

This Spitfire is an Airfix kit. It is 1:72 scale. As this is my first spitfire, I customized it a bit. I combined two paint jobs that I REALLY liked. I first painted it silver. I thought it looked plain and simple, and I didnt really like it. So[...]

The Russian KV-1 and 2

This model is a KV-1 tank with the optional KV-2 turret. This build was a small, quick one. Working nonstop after school (after homework of course) really allows one to release stress. I took your guys' suggestions from my last post and made a [...]

My first post: P51 D Mustang

Hi guys. My name is Jordyn Collier. I am new to this site, and I am 15. This P51 D Mustang was flown by Col. John D Landers during the second world war. He was a part of the 84th Fighter Squadron, and he received 36.5 confirmed kills, 14.5 of wh[...]