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Atlantis Turbo prop!

January 8, 2020 · in Uncategorized · · 11 · 2K

I am so happy Atlantis has started re-popping these old , an kits. If you could have found one of these the price would have been prohibitive. For me my wife got me this for Christmas! It is very much like the engines I worked on in the Navy on the E-2 and C-2, in fact is an Allison 425 turboprop, just the prop and the accessories are different from the engines I worked on.

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  1. Dude ! This is SO cool... It reminds me of the "Visible V-8" models from this era. I had the Chrysler 426 Hemi model... Most of the ones you saw however, were the small block Chevy V-8.

    This is so neat they started re popping these kits from our youth. By chance, do you think you can "motorize" this one ? That would be like icing on the cake. Flip a little switch and watch it turn over.


    • It probably could, the original from '61 was motorized. If you could get your hands on an original instruction sheet, I am sure it would show how. On this one when it is done you turn a knob at the back and all the parts move from the turbine all the way through the reduction gear box to the prop. The prop changes pitch by turning the forward spinner! I plan on building it in the original colored plastic. I did paint the prop and hub, as the silver plastic had big dark swirls in it. Tamiya AS-12 is an almost perfect match for the plastic color though.

  2. Very cool Robert! The good old stuff. 🙂

  3. I had the Revell repop that came out in the 90s. It didn't survive the years so I may have to do another!

  4. That is way, cool, gotta get myself one of those! I worked on those as well on a Convair 580 while I was with USINS way back when. The same basic engine is on the C-130 and the P-3. The prop gearbox can be mounted upright or inverted, which determines where the intake for the engine goes. Inverted gearbox means intake below the prop ala C-130. Upright gearbox (as depicted on the box art) means top intake, as on the CV-580...the pic is of my Convair somewhere in Florida in the mid 80's.

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  5. Nice Rob! I've been tempted myself to get one. I learned to stay out of the way of your E-2/C-2 running props on the roof, especially at night. I hope Atlantis can keep it up. Maybe they can get hold of the old Chrysler slant six molds that Revell produced years ago.

  6. This build is looking terrific. I can't wait to see it completed. It's amazing how well these "nostalgia" kits come out with a little TLC. Be sure to motorize it and add all the cool sounds. :o)

    • Nah, not going to motorize it. It's not set up to do so any more, I know a couple folks on FB who are going to try. Me I am just in for a fun stress free build!

  7. Man, this is awesome.

  8. Yep - cool! And once again, your subjects range far and wide!

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