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Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10

This is my first plane since I built some back in the early 70’. Back then we didn’t bother painting the models, only glued them together and slapped on the decals.
All in all a fun build but I think I’ll stick to armor models 🙂

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  1. Geir, Perhaps you could reconsider about going back to AFVs entirely because your 109 is far too good for a first try in over 40 years of hobby. Very nice indeed!

  2. The Me 109 is my favorite plane from WWII. You did very well on this bird, being a tanker!

  3. Well done Geir. A fine G-10. What were the colours you used under the wings?


  4. Hello Geir, @LA5OB
    I like what you have done on your first attempt at building aircraft since the 70’s !!!! It sounds like we used the same building methods back then. Glue them together with tube glue and slap the stickers on………… Presto !!! It’s done in a few hours.

    These late war Luftwaffe subjects are so cool, since they offer such a wide variety of color schemes. I served in M-60 and the M1A1 series of tanks, and I have looked at some of your armor builds. You have done a fantastic job with everything you have posted. The look like miniatures of the real deal…………….. This 109 is just like your other builds……………. You shrunk down a real one and posted pictures of it, didn’t you ???

  5. Great work on this G-10!

  6. Great job! That kit still stands up well.

  7. Nice 109! Came out great.

  8. Great looking plane, Geir. As I pass from my 60s into my 70s, slapping plastic together with glue and no paint doesn’t sound so bad. :o)

  9. It’s a shame that you are considering only building targets, when your 109 is so nicely done!!

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