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iModeler February Awards

March 12, 2019 · in News · · 14 ≡

Once again it is time for our monthly retrospective - a look back at some of the notable articles posted at this site during February. With 175 new articles, 2,027 comments and 47,000 individual article reads, this was a very good February indeed.
According to our long-standing tradition we are giving away a pair of awards as a token of appreciation to our contributors. The jury panel this month were @aisak, @editor, @gregax, @halvarvonflake, @magnusf and @raikisan.

Every month, all headline contributions are included in our traditional honorary prize draw. We're looking for the entries that represent this month's highlight in terms of modeling quality and presentation. We also allot an award to a randomly chosen article to emphasize that all contributions to this site deserve recognition.
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iModeler Best in Show - February 2019

The year's shortest month produced one of the longer jury sessions, with a close tie between at least four entries. In the end, Roger Fabrocini made the race with his superb Tamiya Spitfire Mk.Ia. What caught our collective eye was the subtleness and overall realism Roger achieved without going overboard on weathering.

But wait, there is more! – the Random Award

We are also awarding a prize as a token of appreciation to all our contributors. This is selected through an entirely random draw among all of the month's entries. This time, our lucky winner is Ian Foulkes with his 1/35 Chieftain Mk.10.

Honorable Mentions: Our 18 Fabulous Finalists

(in no particular order)

1. Michael Gosse - Time Travel
2. Maxim Bylkin - Roden 1/35 Rolls-Royce Mk.I Pattern
3. Nguyen Huy Hoang - Academy MH-60S 1/35
4. Dmitry Ryzhenkov - An-30, Amodel, 1/72, Ukraine Rescue Service
5. Allon kira - Tamiya, He-162 Volksjager, in 1/48 scale
6. Scott Nelson - A Fun Fantasy Kit!
7. Justin Bronk - ‘Rasberry Ripple’ ETPS Hawker Hunter in 1/48 (Academy)
8. Djordje Colovic - Revell 1/144 U-Boot Typ VIIc U 318
9. Carlo Sette - WNW Albatros B.II Early
10. Dmitry Stropalov - Type 3 Chi-Nu (IBG 1/72)
11. gary sausmikat - 1/24 VW Bus
12. Radek P. - E-100 diorama “What if Tiger III” 1/72
13. Bogdan Ionete - La-7 – Tiger Models – 1:Egg
14. David Pybus - IDF Merkava II 1/35 Academy
15. dale travis - Reggiane RE 2000 / J.20
16. Stan Traas - Risen from the Shelf of Doom...
17. Paulo Castro - Fokker Eindecker E.II (Airfix 1/72)
18. Josef Rössner - Shenyang J-8II 1/48 Trumpeter

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14 responses

  1. Extraordinary entries, one and all...congrats to everyone.

  2. Congrats to all of the entries!

  3. Excellent work and congrats to all.

  4. One more time while whistling and clapping from the iModeler nose bleed seats in the modeling theater of the round. Oh, yes its about time this happened.

    "Roger your one of the most under rated modelers on the board. Strong work with subtle paint work and some really great weathering that looks natural. I noticed that you didn’t bother slapping on a coat of oxide brown on the exhausts. The standard fair for most …some great work there I could go on but, there are too many good points. It would get boring. 😉 ;);).?"

  5. An excellent choice for best in show!
    Congratulations ?

  6. Congratulations to all. The Spitfire was beautiful and deserved the award.

  7. Thank you all for your kind words. i am humbled to be considered and even more so to have won in the presence of such inspiring work. my hat is off to all those considered for the award and also all the entries on imodeler.

    • Roger,

      Alan Price likes to write about really seeing things for what they our and that requires studying the subject matter for all of the little details and then combining those details so that the some total of the project looks natural and not like a model. But, creates the illusion of the real thing when photograph appropriately and viewed up close. Thanks to the camera and nosey patrons. You've done the same in your unique style of being Roger. I love the Spitfire and lets not forget the Hellcat and the Mig.

  8. Fantastic work!

    Congrats to the winners the mentions

  9. Congrats Roger and well done all others

  10. roger you've been one of the world class greats for at least the 20 years i've been looking at your work...i've literally spent hours over that period mulling over your photographs...your results are nothing short of stunning and your a giant in this hobby

  11. Congratulations everybody and thank you!

  12. Congrats to all. Special kudos to Roger. And a big thanks to the panel for working through a lot of very nice builds.

  13. Very good done models all of them. Congratulations.

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