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This model started being built 1.5 years ago...

This model started being built 1.5 years ago from scratch for my personal collection. In the process, given that there is experience in the production of resin models, plans changed and I decided to get it into limited production for any friend who wants to make it and put it into his collection. The result was a limited production resin kit with metal and photoetched pieces with a vacform canopy. Hope you find it interesting.

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  1. Awesome result. I dont have any limited run models yet, I think.

  2. Brave choice to go into limited production just to fill an empty space in the collection - well done!

  3. I remember my first flying hours in a J-3 Cub at the old Natomas duster strip (now a shopping mall in North Sacramento). I'd be set up on final, and one of the Ag-Cats would make a downwind landing, sending me skittering off over the cornfields.

    So what kind of price are you charging for this?

  4. I’m not sure I’ve seen many better skills on this forum than your work, Giannis. I really, really like your creativity and craftsmanship.



  5. Simply amazing work! A little known Grumman product, I never heard of it ,until I saw one at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Long Island NY.

  6. Way cool little thing. Love dusters, fire bombers and target tugs. Great you made it available to all who want to build one. So what is the crop duster doing in Greek air force markings...?

    • The first 10 G-164 were received in 1974 and equipped with 359 Squadrons of Civil Service (359 MAEDY), while the other 12 were received in 1976. The 359 MAEDY aircraft had tanks capable of carrying a spray of 1893 liters. Ag-Cat was spraying and then firing until 2011, when all the planes were withdrawn.
      Thank you.

  7. Being a boy from the"bush" I really appreciate this post and I also can see the amount of work that went into this build. Like Tom said AG pilots do things a bit different and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

  8. very nice! Excellent work on a rare subject, and kudos for making it accessible to others.

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