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F-84 F Thunderstreak KINETIC 1/48

F-84F Thunderstreak KINETIC 1/48 by Giannis Asimakos Opening the box found 88 pieces in light gray plastic and 7 in transparent. The strongest point of the kit is found in the realistic exterior detail that has a subtle line. The cockpit [...]

Mirage 2000 Kitty Hawk 1/32

By Giannis Asimakos Kitty Hawk's Mirage 2000 kit in 1/32 was released in 2019 and is the only one in this scale. Opening the very large and heavy box we find 13 light gray plastic frames, one transparent with excellent clarity frame, three [...]

Republic XF-103 Thunderwarrior Mach 3 superiority fighter project 1/72 scale

Aircraft History and Specification In 1949, U.S. Air Force introduced the new "weapons system" concept, in which consisting of the air-to-air guided missiles, fire control system and the "1954 interceptor" capable of [...]

Gloster Gladiator Mk.I Hellenic Air Force 1938

It's an 1/48 Roden kit. It is a very good kit with the exelent fit, enough detail for anyone who wants to make a OOB. On the contrary, the decals had a big problem, since they were dissolved in water. Fortunately from the beginning I had [...]

This model started being built 1.5 years ago...

This model started being built 1.5 years ago from scratch for my personal collection. In the process, given that there is experience in the production of resin models, plans changed and I decided to get it into limited production for any [...]

The end!!!

At the beginning of 2003 at Eastern Elliniko Airport, three of the Olympic B727-200s (SX-CBB "Mount Pindos", SX-CBE "Mount Athos" & SX-CBF "Mount Taygetus") were scraped one after another and converted to [...]

Tanagra 114 Combat Wing end of August 1981…

Tanagra, 114 Combat Wing, end of August 1981. The Mirage F1cg, No. 110 after 26 days of maintenance work, for its 1500 flight hours on its assets, was now ready for the test flight. At 11.00 am. the test pilot came and after doing the [...]

Supermarine Walrus Mk.II Airfix 1/72

Happy New Year. I really love this ''ugly'' seaplane and have made it 3 times in my modeling life. The first one at the beginning of the 70's and recently two more times, all from the Airfix in 1/72 and 1/48. Here you see 1/72 which is [...]

Supermarine Walrus Mk.I Airfix 1/48

A relatively new kit (2017) with great detail in all areas, with great application, and you are happy to assemble it.