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turbofan used

Continuing with my tests with the 3d printer, every time I understand the operation and how the different resins work.
I am still far from perfection but it gives me some other satisfaction.

This model of a high bypass.
I have downloaded it from Grabcad, modified and retouched to print. I have also added some parts.

As I understand the operation of the printer I am more convinced that it can contribute a lot to our hobby.

If anyone is interested I can share the stl files of all the pieces.

Greetings and happy new year

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Very nice Carmelo

  2. This is simply amazing... just think of the possibilities by having equipment like this. Your turbine is very nice ! How big is the model ? and what type of printer do you have ?

    • The length will be about 200mm by about 120mm, I could have made it bigger, but then I have to print on the z-axis and that extends the printing time a lot.

      My printer is an ANY CUBIC Photon S.
      The printing container is small, but as I am interested in printing the pieces and then assembling them is not a big problem.

      The ideal would be an A4 size container, since these printers are slow printing on the Z axis and in this way many more pieces could be created in a single print.
      It is also true that they are a bit cumbersome for the cleaning issue but now there are plant resins that greatly improve the issue of odors and harmful chemicals.


  3. Very nice Carmelo. I use a Prusa i3 FLD printer since 4 years but it is nowhere as capable as a resin printer. I asked myself whether it would be a good idea to buy a Resin printer but then I do not print often and the Resin would be spoiled most of the time. I think a 3D printshop or Shapeways would be better for me. What is your opinion? In any event, I learned a lot, developing mu plots with Openscad. I understand the 3D printing now, just the finish is not what you have. Well done.

    • If possible, it will obviously depend on the cost of printing and how much you use the printer that I buy now is at € 439 but there are offers and I bought it in France for a little less than € 400 the resian comes between € 30 and € 50 per liter, with a liter you can print a lot of pieces.
      The problem of these teams is in everything you need to understand and understand in order to get to print the quality and work planning.
      But the results start to be good and I hope that with a little more time they will be better.
      In addition to the freedom to create any complement you need.

      As I told you in another post I think that the business model of custom kits and tailored in no time will be important, now when you look at the models you can buy are all the same, there comes a time that is difficult to find something different.
      This opens the door to a world of almost infinite possibilities.


  4. Very well done. I know what you mean about products going off between use.

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Original and a very interesting subject Carmelo, nice metallic coloring all around.

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