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Long range Kamikaze

Story is that near the end of war joined planes damaged in ground attacks and put simple bomb on nose, JATO rockets for take off and worn out engine for longer range.

The base is laminate flooring, wall is styrodur, grass is scotch-brite from dish sponge

9 responses

  1. Impresive concept and excellent execution,Matija!

  2. Massively weird thing, that one! Cool idea and well done.

  3. Where do you find these?! Great looking, Matija!

  4. thank you gentlemen.
    @mikegolf they come to me gradually, start with one idea, end up with another

  5. Great model, Matija. Did these actually exist or is it hypothetical? I think hypothetical models are cool because they let us use our imagination and we get to build outside the constraints of what really existed.

  6. Great idea and model. You obviously have a very fertile imagination.

  7. Very creative model Matija, quite a good looking what if aircraft

  8. Very cool - and nicely executed!

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