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‘iModer at the Movies’ - Part 1

February 16, 2020 · in Uncategorized · 2 · 1.5K

“All good things must come to an end...”and as in life itself, we can only hope that the pain of the ending is far exceeded by the good parts before. But, as the Bard himself says, “to weep is to make less the depth of grieving” - let us focus on over three thousand posts, over fifty represented movies, and one hundred and three group build members.

This Group Build started with the hope that a few friends would join and make something that they’d normally never take on. Something that’d stand out a little from our usual projects. And boy, I was not disappointed.

In the absence of the ‘iModeler Model of the Month’ award, I’d like to give all members a chance to vote on which of the following builds and I will collate the results and announce our star modeller on Friday Evening (GMT) on the 21st February. So, if you could take a little time and post which model is your favourite, and why, I’d really appreciate it.

After several abortive attempts at posting this reveal, I’ll post several articles today. I make no apologies for this minor takeover of iModeler for the day - it’s all amazing work, finished, still in progress, and stalled...its all just a pleasure to review.

Without any further nonsense; lights, cameras...action.

In a category all of it’s own, Bogdan wins the gong for the ‘at least I opened the box’ award for the movie, ‘Allied’...

...and here’s the actual box...

Bogdan, you’ve been a great supporter of the group and you did a lot better than me by actually finishing some work for the Group!


James Robinson’s project exactly fulfils the brief of the Group Build - a great diorama that is personal, creative, and a real conversation piece. Not to mention a masterful example of modelling.

@jamesb when this is finished you have to enter this shows, it deserves an audience.

A modeler’s favourite, Das Boot...

John Healy’s iconic U-96 is a beautiful work.

And at 1/72nd scale, she’s a monster of a build at around a meter in length (three feet, y’all) and a genuine showstopper. For me this nails a very tricky skill in submarine builds, how dial into the Goldilocks zone with weathering. Very easy to overlook - and undercooked wearing just looks inauthentic -this is perfect.


Time for some Bogart.

@roofrat chipped in just under the deadline with this M-3 Lee, from ‘Sahara’.

From the sci-fi classic, ‘The Firth Element’, this is Tommy Killander’s ‘Modoshawan’. This is gorgeously painted and finished.


If you fancy a lesson in Philosophy then pop over to Paul Barber’s ‘For Those We Love’ and ‘The Eternal Zero’.

Paul is a consummate modeler who also knows his subject. His posts are always well-informed and from the heart. There’s also a little tragedy in this build.

Bring her home, @yellow10

Much, much more to follow...

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  1. Yikes! We're supposed to vote one of these the best?

    Now I see what guys like DeNiro mean when they say the Oscars are meaningless. Each one of these projects is superb in its own way. There are some real standouts, but to choose one over the others? Can't do it. Sorry. Each one is a triumph of real dedication and determination (the two qualities I know that must be present to lead to any kind of success in the movies) and a clear presentation of talent and creativity.

  2. Tom, you are correct, “dedication and determination” - very well observed. Over and above the skills (we can’t all be brilliant) and artistry, those two traits define our hobby. We can all be dedicated and determined, and it’s clear to see the models made as such (and also see the technically gifted but lacking ‘heart’ projects out there).

    Thanks @tcinla

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