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A-10 Warthog 1:32, Trumpeter

August 8, 2018 · in Aviation · · 20 · 4K

I have just finished another kit for my friend. It is double seater in special what-if camouflage. The snake head in front is done by masking, it is not a decal.
The kit is not easy going together and I had some troubles to reach at least above average quality in short time.
There is a lot of sanding, so many gaps and pins to be filled... If I got correct information, it is one of the first kits and it looks like that. I guess if it is designed later they would have done it better.
Minuses - poor cockpits and wheel bays. Difficult joining of bottom wing part to fuselage in rear part. dissapearing panel lines at some places. Overall bad quality of plastic parts - be prepared for a lot of cleaning and sanding. Complicated flaps (yes, you can do them retractable, but...)...
Pluses - complete canon, resin engines included, brakes can be open, metal landing gear struts. Nice quality of clear parts. All types of ordnance.

I would say that one big minus is a lack of attractive camouflage, because there was just one prototype built in boring gray...
But if you are OK with non-existing ones, you can get big (really BIG) and attractive rare bird in your display, which will of course attract attention.

(One short note: The yellow on pictures is more lemon than in reality. In fact, it is much more warmer... sorry, I did not notice when I took photos).

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  1. This choice looks really unusual and I like it, great work! 🙂

  2. If this is a what-if? paint scheme then it sure fooled me. Fantastic work, and that snake is the cherry on top. Well done! like it a lot

  3. You have done a fantastic job on the build Martin, you have given me a few ideas for my 1/72 build as well.

    Your scheme and paintwork looks great! Well done.

  4. Well for all the trouble and issues I'd say it turned out quite well. Really like that snake, well done Martin.

  5. Man!, that's a nice looking A-10. Good job Martin. That's going to be a real eye catcher on your shelf.

  6. I have to concur with the masses, sir...I think it looks like a top-notch job. 🙂

  7. Martin, that is one of the coolest, hottest looking A-10s I have come cross. Really now, magnificent job all around on a challenging kit! I had this kit when it 1st came out and was so so excited to have a 1/32 A-10. But then the reviews came out and I hesitated to build it..well I hesitated for years and years and finally sold it. But still want a 1/32 A-10. Good for you for building her and doing it really well!

  8. Great job, Martin. I love the very creative "what if" camo. You would never from these photos what a difficult kit it was to build. Just stunning.

  9. That is a really nice build! Love all the shading and panel line detail, the ordnance looks well-defined, just a great finish. And the scheme is really creative and eye-catching.

  10. An impressive build!

  11. And this is why I like Trumpy Boss. Not only did they come to market with an A-10 in 1/32, but a two seater no less! (Of which only one was ever built.)They seem loyal to the 1/32 market but thankfully have put out some 1/48 for us quarter inch guys and 1/72 for the people with good eyesight! (Thanks for the A-5 and A3D!) I can forgive some accuracy issues for the sake of unique subjects!

    Despite your fit issues it turned out great. The paint pops nicely and it looks to build into a nicely detailed model. (Would have loved to seen the cannon bay opened up. I may do that on my 1/32 Thud.)

  12. Well this gets my vote for model of the month!
    I might be biased being a jet guy, but I think this build has it all. A personal touch on a kit that doesn't get built too often as well!
    Fantastic work!

  13. Congratulations good job an interesting painting scheme


  14. This kit is a b***h to put together but you my friend have made a stunning job of it really good, and that paint scheme, may be a what if, but it looks great

  15. You are right. I have come across the same issues with fit, the shape of the nose, the wing tips, and a bit more, on my single seater. After about three and a half months of reshaping, filling, sanding, correction work, I have put it aside in favor of some modern AFVs in my stash.

    Yours have come out nice. Good job. Makes me now feel the need to hurry with my current projects and finish my hog as soon.

  16. Hi, its an amazing job. Which colors you used for this Snake Scheme.

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