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Viva Atlantis! Turbo Prop is done!

February 14, 2020 · in Aviation · · 8 · 1.6K

Very fun build, the only problems I had were vague locations for various hoses and tubes, and my drive shaft that ran through the turbine section was warped. Had a big dogleg in it. Trying to fix it it broke. Well not to worry I did some internal modifications and by turning the compressor section all the parts turn including the reduction gear box and prop! My traditional beer shot is last this time as I could not get it and the big model all in focus at once, Narwal Stout 12%. used only AFTER building! On to the B-52 and X-15!

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  1. Very cool, Rob! Now all you need to do is build a P-3 or C-130 to put it in...

  2. I can smell the Jet-A exhaust from here. Nice job, Rob

  3. Beautifully done, Rob! The turbine engine is so cool ... the way they get that much power out of comparatively small engines is pretty cool. The 1500 HP turbine in the M1 series of tank is only about 12-14 inches in diameter and about 2 to 2.5 feet long. And it's capable of MUCH more power than the 1500 HP it is governed to. (The weakest parts of a tank are the track, and any more power could rip the track apart! Or, you make the tracks strong enough to handle more power that end up too big and heavy for the crew to handle when it's time to fix the track.)

  4. It was a fun build, I wondered at times whether I should have painted it, but after it was all done I was glad I left it in its' molded colors.

  5. I love it! Looks great. It's nice that Atlantis is re introducing these old kits, I recently did the B-52/X-15. I contacted them for a extra decal sheet, and they actually got back to me.

  6. Narwal Stout in a Boba Fett glass? Great. Now I have to get THESE tune out of my head!

    Hopefully I have my old Revell edition instructions floating around 'cause I'd like to take another crack at this kit and IIRC the old instructions were quite detailed on hose placement. (But who knows, that was 30 years ago, I may be dreaming!) It turned out great Rob!

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