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An English Racing Plane

While surfing the web, I found this first photo, then the second one and being an “air racing” modeler, I just had to have it. The kit parts had next to no flashing and all the “fits” were next to perfect, except for the windscreen/canopy combo. I had lot’s of experience solving problems with airplane clear parts. ( Just sand everything smooth and polish it out, then mask it off and scribe-in its’ panel lines and spray on the paint later on).

I used some of my blue Tamiya paint all over the model and overcoated it with Future, then it was decal time. As usual, I cut around each letter and number then apply them to my models with my special mix of MicroSet/Sol mixture.

“LOOK AT MY LAST PHOTO!” I remembered to place the instruction’s and the model facing left so I could attach the left and right gear door’s properly, and not have the screw-up like I did on “Gulfhawk 4.”
The photo of the model upside down shows that I was following the instruction’s.

Guess I’ll start posting some more car’s and armor models, so enjoy this blue beautiful Hurricane model. RJW.

26 additional images. Click to enlarge.

2 responses to An English Racing Plane

  1. That is a beauty! Well done!

  2. Amazing! Thank you Rodney.
    All the best!

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