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Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6, WNr 163248, J-705.

, Bunny Fight Club edition.

This is yet another one of eduard's nice 109's, this time a special edition of their G-6 made available through their Bunny Fight Club. It is the same as one of their ProfiPacks, but with a special set of decals to depict a plane.

It has been posted in the Groups section as a work in progress - the full build is available here;

The sun was out today, and I rushed out to get a few pictures, but alas there was a high wind, and it went flying. .

Now, who would have thought that the wind was a factor in modeling - fortunately it was intact, but I failed to see the few drops here and there, but that just adds interest to the pictures. . . or not?

Thanks for the comments and all during the build - great bunch of happy modelers followed and commented, and I highly reccomend that you post your work-in-progress in groups - at times it is really helpful, but generally a lot of fun.

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  1. Erik, @airbum
    Your 109 turned out fantastic ! (I knew it would) as I have been following it's construction journal... I'm happy to hear it was unharmed on it's maiden test flight ! I have had a similar experience but with a much larger 1/6 scale RC biplane. The main difference is that my model was made to fly... even so it still scared me.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful 109 with us and I look forward to seeing some more you have underway in the headline section soon. The Swiss markings are something you don't see too often on a 109. Nice choice and well done. Two thumbs up my friend !


  2. Very nice looking oddball scheme. I'm about to do Eduards dual combo G-6 as a Slovakian marked aircraft

  3. A great build for sure! I agree, the Swiss scheme is a nice choice. I'm glad that there was no damage, a little while ago I lost about half a dozen builds to a house renovation.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Eye popping work on this one Erik, love the color scheme, very interesting in every angle.

  5. Nice work Eric, good to see the Swiss markings - glad it wasn't too windy!

  6. Dittos to the comments above! Very colorful 109. Well done!

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