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Back to the Fifties... building Monogram's '55 Chevy.

July 19, 2015 · in Automotive · · 28 · 1.9K

I was a teenager during the fifties and Chevy's were every boys dream car. Cars like this inspired my life long love affair with convertibles and customs. I painted this with White and Coral Blue right out of the rattle can The interior was a mix of Model Master enamels trying to achieve that leather look. I sure wish this was sitting in my driveway today.

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  1. That is a 100 point build there Jack. Just perfect. Did you use the chrome tape product for the chrome trim?
    California Steve

  2. Now that right there is a sharp-lookin' build, Jack...very nicely done indeed.

  3. Wish I can drive this..
    This reminds me excellent results from Overhaulin (Chip Foose)

  4. Wonderful Jack, a classic 50`s car, done to a tea.
    Well done mate.

  5. "See the USA in your Chevrolet,
    America is asking you to call"...

    What a sweet ride! Great build, the interior looks like leather and the continental kit nails it.

  6. That is sweet, Jack!

    The car my dad had when I was born was a '58 Ford Fairlane in that same color scheme, but I think Ford called that blue color "turquoise".

  7. Nice. I had one of those about 50 years ago. I do not recall ever seeing on in a leather interior through. Pretty much cloth and vinyl all the way.

    • When I do a car model I take some liberties. You may notice the hood has been shaved, the stance is altered, the door handles removed and the addition of the leather interior of course. I really like custom cars and if I had one of these today this is how it would look.

  8. It's beautiful, Jack, just the right amount of customising to make it individual, not so much that you can't recognise the original. I'm not sure it would fit my garage, but it would look really cool parked outside in the street!

  9. Jack, nothing better than a nice 55. It seems a lot of model cars have that fake chrome look, while yours looks like the real thing. Very nice work, and remember we don't have grey hair, our hair is chrome.

  10. Greetings :
    That is absolutely gorgeous, very well done and finished, sharp and clean.
    The 1955 Chevy is and always will be my favorite.
    It had opening doors, hood and trunk. On the box I remember it was dark blue with white top. I am still searching for that model.
    Very captivating color combo, it resembles those times.
    That model brings a smile to my face. Thanks for those images.

  11. Super work! love the white/coral blue combination, upholstery looks great too!

  12. Tidy! You got a really nice paint finish there, with those rattle cans!

  13. Hey Jack, Wonderful work , really impressive.

  14. Superb Jack, that finish is immaculate.

  15. And now you know why the Eagles would write a song about an "Ole '55!"


  16. I so admire folks who can build model cars, I can do an ok job, but nothing as good as that! Wonderful build man!

  17. Normally, when I see a 55 or 56, the area at the back is white. Nice to see the colors reversed for a change! (The coral blue is quite stunning as well!) Excellent job on the trim as well!

  18. That’s beautiful Jack. I’m a Brit returned to the UK after living in Tennessee for over 10 years. Never missed a local car show. There was a few ‘55’s and ‘57’s around immaculately restored. One friend had a Corvette Z1 engine in his! I know I’m late to the party but do you mind sharing how you achieved that wonderful leather look? It will look amazing on some vintage Brits I have in my stash!

  19. Ian,
    It's been a while, but I think I mixed Model Master colors like leather, sand, yellow and white until I got the color I wanted, then sprayed some semi-gloss to knock down the shine.

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