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Spitfire HF Mk.VIII (Eduard 1/48)

Yes, it's another one boring , but I can't resist (by the way, it's my 10th Spit ever built). I've fell in love with this high-altitude fighter in a non-standard grey/PRU blue painting scheme on the box art, so the kit was bought immediately.

The box contains a well-known kit, based on theirs Spitfire IX line. In addition to included PE parts I've added resin engine cowling, additional PE parts for radiators and a " LööK" instrumental panel. Assembly was an easy journey, so I've focused on my main goal – painting and weathering.

I was trying to represent an aircraft being in heavy use (but still operational). Also, I'm still experimenting with painting techniques – black basing and marbling to make monotonically colored surface looks more "realistic". In addition to that a lot of oils and weathering pencils were used.

Hope you'll like it, and thanks for watching!

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  1. Beautiful work as usual, Dmitry.

    Actually, that isn't a "non-standard" scheme - it's the standard "high altitude fighter" scheme.

    One minor little thing (it's an "Eduard mistake" not a "Dmitry mistake") is that that flare rack on the front of the seat disappeared after the Spitfire I. Eduard's not always as smart as they'd have you believe.

    I have that kit, and your result looks so good, I'm going to have to pull it out sooner than later. Thanks!

    • @tcinla It's interesting because it was the only option among 5 in the kit in such a scheme. Maybe they were thinking – "it's standard, and it would be boring, so we'll give only one", but only that one has caught my eye 🙂 Nice! So I'm gonna have some more Spitfires with this type of camouflage.

      Regarding that flare rack – didn't know it, and I will just remove it as it's just a two small drops of a CA glue.

      Thanks Tom, and hope to see your Spitfire built soon!

  2. Wow, I think your model probably looks better than the real one would.
    I like it a lot Dmitry

  3. Looks great Dmitry

  4. A "Goldilocks" build. I like the weathering its, subtle and even the roundels have been toned down to match with the rest of the a/c. The evolution of the Spitfire changed in days and in months given the amount of changes and modifications done to air frames to keep up the pace with the German war machine. It doesn't surprise me that the flare holder was over looked. Often these Eduard kits come with many extra parts stabs, canopies, wing tips, ailerons ,elevators and exhausts just to name a few that can be found on the weekend edition of the Mk VIII. I didn't find the flare holder in the instructions and on the seat provided. Regardless, of the holder Dimtry, your build could be printed on hard copy. Very professional.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • @stephen-w-towle Thank you Stephen! I forgot to mention in the post, that national insignia is painted, it's not decals. Looks like it was a right choice 🙂 Also, regarding that flare rack – it's from additional Eduard's PE set, and while it's not present in the kit's instruction, it's mentioned in the PE's one.

  5. Beautiful build Dmitry, inside and out!


  6. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    In my view, another Spitfire model is never boring, this one for sure is very good proof of that.
    The evolution of type of fighter with no doubt can be appreciated in this one.
    From the color scheme, toned down roundels, the pointed wings and the subtle yet very convincing weathering, you have done a great work on this one, even the cockpit stands out, nice overall work Dmitry.

  7. Very tidy build. Really like that weathered finish.

  8. Very nice. I love the well used look. Looks like it’s seen plenty of action this one.

  9. Sorry Dmitry, you are wrong… Spitfires cannot be boring and this model even less so!
    I built merely 2 so far, but have 4 more in planning...

    I really like your modeling style and subject selection likewise; great work!


  10. Very nice build, love the weathering... Fantastic.

  11. I almost built this when I built my 1/72 Eduard spit a year ago. The point wing tips were interesting to me. Well executed.

  12. A super Spitfire, looks great!

  13. Your "experiments" are ending up as things of beauty! Love the weathering and paint work. I was going to ask if you had oversprayed the decals to blend them in, but then saw in your additional comments that you painted them, and I think you're right - for those that have the additional patience for that, it's definitely a better, more realistic, faded look!

  14. Admittedly, its sort of a dull paint scheme, but the planform of the high altitude Spitfire IS distinctive and it does elicit "why does it look like that" questions. The story of Galetzine's high altitude interception of the Ju-86 makes for interesting reading. No Spitfire collection is complete without an HF. Spitfire. A pretty build, to be sure.

  15. Great job, Dmitry. The high altitude scheme grabbed me too. Will soon post a 1/72 Italairi HF VII with the extended wings, grey over PRU, but with D Day stripes.


  16. Great job, Dmitry. The high altitude scheme grabbed me too. Will soon post a 1/72 Italeri HF VII with the extended wings, grey over PRU, but with D Day stripes.


  17. Nicely done Dmitry, I really like the weathering you did on her.

  18. Stunning! Love the overall finish, but have to admit I am a suc-ker (the editor didn't like the word, so I had to Hyphenate it) for a well done cockpit. Yours looks great. You really are able to make what in general is a rather plain scheme exciting and interesting. Excellent finish work!

  19. Really good! My Dad's old Squadron too! (See hunting horn on avatar)

  20. Not your model but interesting scheme!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  21. Not boring at all! Classy looking interior and cracking paint job. Even with pointy wings this is a stunning looking aircraft.

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