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Review: 1/72 scale Airfix De Havilland Heron Mk.II - Unboxing

Greetings all ,
This is a rebox kit which was released years ago (first released in 1959) that has been out of production ever since, was re-released by since last year (2019). The plastic sprues inside the seems rough and outdated as mentioned earlier the content of the kit hasn't change at all only the box art is reprinted. The kit does give you a generous amount of crew figures including seating and standing passengers and pilots. It is the only De Havilland Heron Mk.II in 1/72 scale which is convenient as I intend to make the RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) version of the Heron Mk.II using aftermarket decal set.

Below is the full unboxing link :
Thanks for watching !

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  1. Nice vintage kit, Mee Wan. I love these types of old, "crude" kits.
    Thanks for the presentation.

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