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Sukhoi SU-30SM Zvezda 1/72

Hello to everyone,
I have rediscovered this beautiful hobby couple years ago, after more than 30 years of break (since childhood). I like aviation, especially 3 and 4 gen fighter jets. After brush painting my models with enamel colors, things become more serous for me, and I aquiered airbrush, so here is my first airbrushed model – from in scale.
I don’t have enough experience to make a comparation or review of the kit, but from my point of view the kit itself was very nice, with lots of details and parts. I didnt find any issues with fitting. Decals came nicely too (lots of decals and stencils). Lots of armament is proveded as well.
To be honest, I was pretty scared with first time airbrushing, dealing with PSI, new colors (Tamyia), primer, masking, I went easy on weathering. I tried blackbasing technique, which is bearly visible. Color scheme itself was pretty complicated for the first attempt airbrushing. I choose to make three color at lower surfaces, dark gray at upper, to represent airplane bort 43 form Russian Navy Aviation, Saki, Crimea. Actual airplane was introduced in service in 2016 so it is rather new, not so much weathered.

What do you think?
I always try to improve so all good or bad comments and suggestions are welcome.

Stay safe and take care,

StayAtHome #OstaniKodKuce


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  1. That is an excellent job Dusan. Very nice details. Hope to see more of your works.
    Welcome on board!
    All the best!

  2. Nice! An interesting paint scheme.

    • Thanks Robert, here is the underside

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. Nicely done Dusan, looks good, I like them clean and in my scale, welcome to iModeler !

  4. First time with an airbrush you say? Certainly looks far better than I recall my first airbrushed model looking.

    Very nice work here.

    • Hello Tom. Yes, it was my first airbrushed project. I hesitated to get airbrush, I was worried about compressor noise, since I live in the apartment, and don't have dedicated room for my hobby. But finally I found some smaller compressor (3l) which is not loud at all, and I love it. Maybe for experienced modellers it is is nothing new, but for me it was a really wow effect after brush painting.


  5. That is a big model 72 scale and a way better finish than my first attempt, I had runs and bleeds everywhere.

  6. Looks great! I am also new to airbrushing after about 30 years of brush-painting, and learning as I go. The one thing I learned pretty quick from the guys in my club and folks here is to get good preshading or black-basing to have a good effect, the top coats have to go on as very thin paint - more than 50% thinners/retarders to paint, especially if using dark colors. Experiment as you go, and you'll find the best solutions and ratios!

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