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More Battle of Britain Builds

Here are some photos from the first four parts of my series on the which has been running this year in Model Airplane International. I have now finished all the builds and there is still the December issue of the magazine to be published. All told, the builds took 16 months to complete all 12 (I managed a few others in that time too!) but the whole project with the research took over two years. All the builds were built to 1:48. For anyone attempting this project now, the new ICM Ju88 and Do17, Airfix , and forthcoming Defiant, will make the job a lot easier!

The builds are:
Spitfire Mk1 plus Aires cockpit backdated to Mk1 (including hand pump for undercarriage)
Hurricane Mk1
Eduard Bf 110C

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12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Stunning builds and equally stunning photography, sir. Well done!

  2. Thanks Craig, glad you liked the photos!

  3. Love the painting and the finish on these. Immaculate.

  4. your work is marvelous alan

  5. Alan, great group! Did you have a good time with the exhausts on the 110E? Is there a Stuka in your future? Beautifully done, each one. The Hollenhund is a favorite German marking of mine.

    • Hi Bernard, thanks! Well there is a trick with the exhausts - its called Quickboost! Yes there is a Stuka - I'll post the rest of the builds over the next few days.

  6. Nice colection

  7. Beautiful collection of excellently executed builds!

  8. Thanks Greg, much appreciated.

  9. These are really works of art, Alan.
    A series of subtle effects that all togehter give much more than their sum.
    Absolutely loving this style.

  10. Really can't add what has already been said, but just had to say they are amazing builds. The camo schemes on all the aircraft pristine and crisp, free hand? Nice touch with the panel lines. Though not my style, yet you executed this technique very well nice touch. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more of your builds Alan.

    • Many thanks Chuck. The RAF builds are all freehand camo, the splinter on the Luftwaffe is masked except for the 110 which being a soft edge scheme, was freehanded.

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