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1/72 scale Aichi D3A1″Val” IJN dive bomber

April 24, 2020 · in Aviation · · 7 · 2.9K

Greetings all ,

This is another one of my first time building the famous Aichi D3A1 "Val" Dive bomber which was used by the IJN from the start untill the end of war. This particular kit is an old kit from Fujimi which has 4 options decal selections. I chose to build the 'Val' which saw action during the raid from the carrier Akagi piloted by wingman Takashi Ono. Overall the kit was straightforward not many issues with fitting but still not the best Val kit out there since its an old kit. I am satisfied with the overall build except for the wash weathering which I think was abit too dirty since the Pearl Harbor raiders would not have seen that many action to be that weathered.

Thanks for the read. Below is the full build link :

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7 responses

  1. Very nice. I like the weathering. Check out this for antennae...

  2. Fine work on an historically important aircraft, Mee Wan. Reallynice detail and wash weathering effect, especially for 1/72. I like your collage layout of the lead pic. Some real design skill there.

  3. That's a great work, Mee Wan! I think your weathering is fine and not out of place. This Val was ready to be recoated green with grey undersides, as it happened quite soon afterwards!

    I am bulding a Val, too! “My” Val AI-251 was leader of the dive bombers that attacked Midway, piloted by Lieutenant Takehiko Chihaya with a group of 35 other ‘Val’.

    I go thumbs up with Colin's @coling liking of the lead pic collage - really nice.

    Great video presentation, too.

    All the best!

  4. Great looking Val - just right to me! Well done.

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