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Ed Force One Iron Maiden Boeing 747-400 1/144

Hi everyone, finally got some time and finished the boeing 747 Iron Maiden Ed Force One 1/144 from Revell.

This is not an easy kit to build (definitely not recommended for beginners), it´s an old plastic from 2001 so i had a lot problems during the assembly filling gaps and sanding, took some time; the landing gear was a nightmare so I decided instead the “in flight mode”

At the end of the day it was worth it; i’m a huge fan of Iron Maiden so for me as a modeller it was a “must have”.
Enjoy the pictures

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Ed Force One Iron Maiden Boeing 747-400 1/144

  1. Fantastic work Jorge! Cn/serial number: 32868/1325 “The number of this beast”!
    Killers was my first Iron Maiden vinyl, bought in summer 1981. Huge fan also.
    All the best!

  2. Wish I could’ve seen Bruce fly it in to Chicago. Of all the opening day concerts held at EAA I can’t believe they haven’t jumped at the chance to have Maiden there with the 747 as a backdrop!

  3. What a well done centerpiece to display your album collection! Iron Maiden was a staple diet on our many “Gravel Runs” when skipping class! It would be fun to see if anybody knows what that means…….
    Great job on that complex decal scheme!

  4. Excelkent model!
    I saw them on two tours, heard that they will tour with Judas Priest next year, eagerly awaiting that show 🙂

    • They came to Quito-Ecuador where I live in 2009 but was almost impossible to get a ticket, instead i went to the airpot and took some prictures of the previous ed force 757.
      Finally had the chance to see then live in Raleigh-NC 2014… it was worth the wait.

  5. Run to the hills !!!!! More appropriate now than back then when it came out………. Who would have known ???

    Great group. I had the poster with Ed flying a Spitfire……………..

    Nice model you built there.

  6. A man of musical taste!
    Cool model as well!
    I’ve met Bruce before, an absolute gentleman.

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