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Farewell Tornado

April 29, 2020 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

Hi folks.

Just finished this one, the recently retired Panavia . This variant is the F.3 ADV, used in air superiority roles.
For those of you unfamiliar, the Tornado was the RAF flagship fast jet replaced by the Eurofighter project, ultimately named the Typhoon. As much as the Typhoon is a really impressive aircraft, I have a lot of childhood memories of the Tornado out on exercise, and I am going to miss seeing it in our skies.
The Tornado was first entered into service by the RAF in 1979, and was retired last year at the end of March.

The kit is a limited edition release from in , featuring aftermarket resin and photo etch parts. The original kit is from . There are a variety of different colourful markings to choose from but I opted for the plain grey camo. The markings on this aircraft are from 2003 when it was stationed in Saudi Arabia during the second invasion of Iraq.
The kit itself was impressive in some aspects, but a nightmare in others. It required a lot of filling and sanding to conceal the joins on the nose and fuselage. The construction of the fuselage was also difficult, but I imagine that will be the case with sweeping winged aircraft.

Despite the challenge to build, I am happy with the outcome. The kit when released was also really cheap for an Eduard release. I can't remember exactly how much it was but I think it was roughly £40. You normally pay more than that for an Eduard 'Big Ed' aftermarket set! I remember checking to see if the seller had made a mistake with the price but that seemed to be the going rate.

I think this kit is really rare now, but Eduard are releasing a GR.4 version soon.
Thanks for looking!

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12 responses

  1. I'm a big fan of the big-tailed beast! This one looks great.

  2. Nicely done! Always liked the Tornado myself. Years ago I worked for a company that had a contract to build bomb release units for the attack version.

  3. That's a great build of a very imposing and iconic bird, Richard. I go thumbs up with your camo choice: looks very "operational' and emphasizes the glorius shape of this amazing plane, that will much be missed. I loved he cockpit work, among others.
    All the best!

  4. Farewell Tornado! You sure made a great tribute to this legendary plane. I remember the pictures of Lt. Peters shot down over Iraq in 1991 and forced to an interview at gunpoint near Saddam. Will never forget, I was 15 then...

  5. Super work. Great result.

  6. Nice work, Richard. Others have told me that kit is not a pleasant project. You persevered and got the most out of it. The long nose on the ADV Tornadoes improved its looks immensely.

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