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Kinetic Dassult Mirage IIIBE

, out of box build, kit decals and alclad paints. Good model though I used much more filler than I expected!

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Nice! Very visually striking. I like it.

  2. Very striking! How did you achieve the subtle shading at panel edges using the metallics?
    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful.

    • Thanks. It's really simple technique. I spayed the base color over a gloss black base, example alclad aluminium then used alclad Jet exhaust thinned down and sprayed the panel lines followed by thinned over spray of the same aluminium until you reach the desired effect.
      Essential preshading technique

  3. Great work on this - NMF looks great, and overall it's a great-looking build.

  4. Superb Joseph, I wish to do the same with my Kinetic model!
    Same question as Ilan: would be great to know more about you shading tecnics 😉

  5. Cracking build.

  6. Beautiful build!

  7. Looks amazing Joseph. The finish is top-notch.



  8. A great build of a very sleek and important bird, Joseph.
    The NMF is outstanding and renders very realistically the different metal shades one can observe at real planes. Cockpit is amazing too.

  9. It looks like you did a really good job of dealing with those intakes. I built the Kinetic Kfir which had a lot of the same problems as their Mirage of poor fitting intakes and nose.

  10. Very well done. Good job with the Alclad!

  11. The finish looks real...great job on this model. I have several bare metal models here at home. They take extra work to get a scratch free finish. BTW: I only use thin and gap filling super glue as it's better than the "paste-like" filler. You can cut and sand it and you can paint over it without using a primer coat. RJW.

  12. Nice work. What areas needed filling?

  13. Your paintwork is simply fantastic, with a highly-realistic result. Liked.

  14. Really a great paint job and your pictures are able to reveal the shade variations. Impressssssssssssive 🙂

  15. Super work Joseph !
    Really does the Mirage proud!

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