SWAT...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-1 Fieseler-Skoda FiSk 199

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After the Fw190 with the Hagelkorn gliding bomb, my dad has finished another subject of the Special Weapons And Tactics category.
kit (limited), added Eduard seatbelts, Antenna wire with EZ Line and fishing line, yellow fuel line in the cockpit and brake lines with plastic rods and lead wire. "Spears" of the wing tanks with plastic rods. As a G-1 the aircraft had a pressurized cockpit. Removed the side airscoop from the windshield and added a sealed canopy back wall with an Eduard part found in the sparesbox. The little airscoop on the font fuselage was a Fw190 part taken also from the sparesbox. Hasegawa didn´t provide underwing Stammkennzeichen decals, these were done with Luftwaffe code decals from Fantasy Printshop. Painted with Gunze RLM 74/75 and AK Real Color RLM76. The additional landing gear is provided as a metal part in the kit.

In 1942 plans were made to enable the 109 to carry a large 500kg bomb. The Fieseler company designed the modifications. This consisted of the addition of a auxiliary undercarriage leg fitted under the center of the fuselage. This leg was jettisoned after take-off and was fitted with a parachute for retrieval. After the bomb was dropped the FiSk-199 could land in a normal way. The modifications were carried out by Skoda in Prague, hence the assignment of the Fi-Sk designation.
It is thought that two aircraft were converted and tested.

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  1. Really like the subtle cammo effect!

  2. Fantastic piece. The effect of trying to handle this aircraft on the ground in anything more than absolute still air must have been a challenge. Slightest wind and it would have behaved like a shopping trolley going all over the place. Nice colours on this. Very interesting and unusual subject.

  3. A really great model of an unusual subject, Reihard. Thumbs-up at this!

  4. Great looking build and camouflage paint work.

  5. This is a spectacular build, and I don't ever recall seeing another one like it. Your model is very well researched and built. Two thumbs up my friend ! It is very authentic looking. I especially like seeing Luftwaffe fighter models built that are still wearing the original radio codes on the fuselage (and under the wings). These codes were often painted over once it was assigned to a unit. Sometimes they literally painted over the letters, without painting over the factory applied originals first, and you could still see the originals under the new ones !

    I have a few pictures of this variant in a book I have that is named "Luftwaffe", and I think the author was William Greene. This model and article is a real treat for a 109 fan like myself. Well done and I pressed the "liked" button too.

  6. Well done build of a very unusual subject. Really like this model.

  7. Thanks for likes and comments!

  8. Wow - what an unusual duck that is! Had never heard of that variant. Excellent job on it.

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