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1/32 scale Dauntless kit by Trumpeter

Here we have my 8th build of the year, the 1/32 scale SBD3 Dauntless by Trumpeter. Molding is exceptional, body and cowl are clear plastic for some reason, which I find useless. The instructions are typical Trumpeter, filled with mystery [...]

Airfix Mitsubishi B-21 Zero, 1/72

Alright ladies and gentlemen, calling this one done. Airfix Mitsubishi Zero B-21, from the Dogfight set. Carrier Soryu, Battle of Midway, June 4th 1942. AK Interactive and Ammo Mig acrylics and a Ammo Mig panel line wash in ocre. As always [...]

On This Day: Battle of Midway 80th Anniversary, SBD-2 Dauntless, Academy 1/48

On this day, 80 years ago World War 2 turned thanks to the bravery of the aviators of the Pacific Fleet. 80 years ago today The Battle of Midway, which would reverse the fortunes of those at Pearl Harbor, began. The SBD-2 dive bomber [...]

1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat – Airfix New Mold

This build has a story. In 1992 I attended the “1942: Issue in Doubt” symposium by the Admiral Nimitz Museum (now the National Museum of the Pacific War). Featured speakers at the event included several pilots who had fought at the [...]

TBF-1 Avenger at Midway

1979 boxing of 1966 Airfix kit, with decals from the Starfighter USN at Midway and TBDs (yes, TBDs for the 8-T-1 decals) at War sets. I finished it as Ensign Bert Earnest’s Torpedo 8 TBF, which made it to Pearl Harbor took late to join [...]

Academy 1/700 USS Enterprise aka The Grey Ghost aka The Big E

Today is the 79th anniversary of the climatic day of the Battle of Midway so here is a review of a build in honor of today. FYI, I did publish the original photo as part of my collection of PTO models but did not submit the entire review [...]

1/48 GWH Douglas TBD-1 Devastator – Midway

Plenty has been written on these iModeler pages about the history of the Douglas TBD-1 Devastator. Let’s just say that this wasn’t one of Douglas’s finer achievements. All fifteen TBD’s of VT-8 were shot down during the battle of [...]

TBD-1 DEVASTATOR from Airfix in 1/72, an experiment…

TBD-1 DEVASTATOR from Airfix in 1/72 scale Hello, after a long break I have a new, but very old NAVY plane for you. TBD-1 DEVASTATOR from Airfix in 1/72 scale. I represent a plane of VT-8 from USS HORNET. Note: The overpainted “8 –“ [...]

77 years ago today

From my coming book "I Will Run Wild", quoted from the memoirs of John Bridgers, a naval aviator who experienced the Doolittle Raid, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of Guadalcanal, the Battle of the Philippine Sea and the [...]

Wildcat – The unsung hero of the Pacific Theater of Operations

Those aircraft and crew changed the history in Midway! Outperformed by the Japanese Zero, this aircraft with it ruggedness ally with bravery and tactics achieved the air combat kill-to-loss ratio of about 6:1! This is an Hobby Boss model [...]