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Trainer: Ryan PT-20Testor's 1/48

April 21, 2020 · in Aviation · · 22 · 2.6K
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Next up is a little side project that has been on-again off again for some time.. This kit was a still-wrapped 1983 boxing, which itself was a reboxing on the old kit. The kit itself actually went together quite well. The only regret I have with it was that I didn't fill the mold sinkage on the top of the engine cowling, but I'm not about to get worked up over it. Also, the kit includes nothing but a bench seat and pilots for the interior, and I did nothing to help this by not installing the pilots.

The fuselage was painted with Vallejo aluminum, the wheels with white aluminum (though should be chrome), and the cowling with Pale burnt metal. Wings are MM Chrome Yellow. Paint was sealed with Vallejo's metal varnish. I opted not to weather, for simplicity's sake. Decals are from the kit and went down quite nice, save for the bars on the tail, which I opted to mask and paint. Rigging is Infini super-fine lycra. Also, I forgot to attach the hub to the spindle on the prop before attaching the cowling, so I used my trusty micro-magnets. Drill with a pin-vise and super-glue in place.

Size comparo:

I hope everyone enjoys!

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22 responses

  1. Very fine looking machine

  2. That's a nice, clean and very beautiful job, Andrew. It is amazing how great this old kit turned out. Really enjoyable. I loved the magnet trick. I used to glue my propellers in similar cases...
    All the best, and thanks for sharing!

  3. I have that kit on my SoD well now it's in a box and I am not sure about where the parts are...guess I will just have to enjoy your splendid build. I really like that little aircraft and think you did a fine job with it.

  4. That is a very nice build. Once again classic kit plus modelling skill triumphs.

  5. Nice job on a kit you don't see built very often! I like it!

    • Mike, thanks! I've got a Stearman and T-6 that will be sharing display space at some point in the future. Admittedly, trainers aren't as glamorous as those that saw action, but they are still neat and unique in their own right.

  6. Nice blast from the pass Andrew. I've built one as well and as you stated the cockpit more of a suggestion than an actual cockpit. Nicely done.

    • Tom, it's certainly an opportunity to do some scratch building, but you can just as easily paint it black, and the results are still A-ok.

  7. Nice build of an old and simple kit, made to look very nice!

    • Not much to it Greg, simple kit of a simple plane! I'll have to take a pic to show a size comparison. You could almost mistake it for 1/72...

  8. Nicely done! Looks great. Awhile back I did the float plane option, it's some where in this site.

  9. What a great job with an ancient kit. Natural metal and yellow--two of the hardest finishes to get correct.

  10. Great looking job! Nice looking Bearcat & P-51A, too.

  11. There is nothing that looks better than one of the old trainers with the yellow wings. Your build looks great. I have this kit sitting in my stash and I keep thinking about building it. After seeing yours I think it may move up in the build line. Great job.

    • George, I agree, though I may do my Stearman up in Navy colors, haven't decided yet. I don't think you'll regret pulling the Ryan up, as it shouldn't occupy too much of your time, nor shelf space 😉

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