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I'm a mechanical engineer by trade, working in the automotive manufacturing sector for a company known globally. This modelling hobby is one of my more stress-free creative outlets, which rewards my love of building and crafting, as well as my curiosity to learn the history and background that can be told about each model subject.

My interests are across the board (ships, cars, planes, motorcycles, etc), but to limit my stash, I've tried to keep my choices to US subjects; 1:48 planes and 1:700 for ships, full hull display. Additional preferences include 1/24 cars, and 1/12 motorcycles.

Typically I post builds as I finish them, but I have many older builds that I may get around to sharing at some point as well.

Unmanned: Northrop Grumman RQ-4B Global HawkSkunk Models 1/48

As we round off 2023, I wanted to share at least one of the two most recent builds I have completed this year, as well as just have a quick peek at some projects in process for 2024. Today I'm sharing a few pictures that, frankly, were [...]

Experimental: Bell XP-77Czech Models 1/48

Given that today is a bit of a drab weather day, I figured it would be a good day to post up a build that was completed a month or two ago. The subject is Ryan's XP-77 fighter prototype, and the kit is another old Czech Models limited-run [...]

Lockheed F-94C StarfireKitty Hawk 1/48

Fresh off of both the Shelf of Doom and the workbench this week is a seldom seen kit, that is the Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-94C Starfire. I got this kit when Kitty Hawk was still in business, so it was purchased for a reasonable price. Beware of [...]

Sierra Nevada Corp A-29C Super TucanoHobby Boss 1/48

The last of my three most recent completed builds is the versatile, sleek, and powerful Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano, which is also produced by Sierra Nevada Corporation in the USA, and dubbed the A-29 as an export model. The Super [...]

North American P-51A MustangAccurate Miniatures 1/48

Moving along to the next of my recently completed builds, I've finished a model that many are familiar with, the Accurate Miniatures P-51A kit. Much has been written about these AM early Mustang kits, and while they are not in fact as [...]

Curtiss-Wright SO3C SeamewCzech Models 1/48

After more than six months of no new completed builds to share, I've near simultaneously completed three builds... with a few more coming on their heels. The first of them all is a slightly different build, that of a less usual subject [...]

What-If Build: Northrop F/A-20C TigersharkFreedom Model Kits 1/48

Good day. As we wrap up 2022, I've been fortunate enough to have some time to wrap up one more kit. This time, I present something a bit different, a "whiffer" or what-if aircraft, an ANG "F/A-20C" Tigershark. The [...]

Motorcycle GB: Honda CB900FTamiya 1/12

Good day everyone! Today, I'd like to share my most recent completion, which has been an enjoyable labor for the last few weeks. Having been bitten by the motorcycle building bug, this marks two in a row that I have now finished. While [...]

Motorcycle GB: Suzuki GSX1100S KatanaTamiya 1/12

Tonight, I've finally had a bit of time to get some pics taken of my most recent completion, a Suzuki Katana. I've had this kit partially built in my stash for 12-15 years, languishing away only half completed. At the time I started it, I [...]

Beechcraft G-17S StaggerwingAMT (Round 2) 1/48

After the last build of a Beechcraft Model 18, why not a Beechcraft G-17S Staggerwing? The Staggerwing is, of course, one of those aircraft that just screams "Golden Age of Aviation", especially when in the air (as I've chosen [...]