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Wartime Spitfire Mk.XVI Model Build – 1/48 Scale Eduard Kit

April 26, 2020 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.6K

I had this kit after buying it initially to supply parts to my mammoth Mk.XIV high-back kit bash project (found here: A relatively straightforward build notwithstanding the usual fiddly nature of Spitfires - more than made up for by the great fit and unmatched surface detail.

TB702 (GW-Y) was supplied to 340 (Free French) Squadron, in early April 1945 and used for fighter bomber sweeps with the 2nd Tactical Air Force in the closing month of the war. After the War's end, it was repainted with French national colours and it is in that form which the Eduard kit calls for it to be built. However, I wanted this kit to round off my late-war super prop collection so it had to be in wartime markings. Thus, she is finished here as she would have appeared at the end of April 1945 - with the 'Sky' fuselage band applied at the factory overpainted with fresh camouflage, 'C1' type roundels and black spinner as per 2nd Tactical Air Force orders for all fighters after February 1945.

Video Build is here:

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  1. Another fantastic build, Justin! Grear research; nicely put together beautifully and thoroughly painted, decalled and weathered. The Sultans of Swing accompanying the building sequence video hit another one of my soft spots. Got to listen to the original vinyl version.
    All the best, my friend!

    • Thanks Spiros! Took a little while trying to nail down the markings... different roundels within the 2nd TAF during that period compared to wider RAF etc. I couldn't agree more vis-a-vis the video music - you really can't go wrong with vintage Dire Straits!

  2. Nice work, Justin. Bubbletop Spitfires are my favorite.

  3. Beautiful! I lean towards the Griffon/bubble tops myself, It's the sleek look and probably because the first Spitfire I ever built was the old Hawk Mk 22 so many moons ago. I recently acquired an Airfix 1/72 Mk22.

    • Thanks Robert! I've got to admit, I find bubble top Merlins interesting, and high-backed Griffons similar but the combination of bubble and Griffon is a bit too far from 'Spitfire' for me. That said, I have nice distant memories of building an Airfix Seafire Mk.47 back when I was very young - might have to try one of those at some point!

  4. Great build Justin, the bubble tops of the later Mark Spits are quite impressive and few in number (I don't have any yet in the stash). But I like the clipped wings more so. So this particular build really draws my attention to an excellent example of your work. Bubble top and clipped wings= double the pleasure of seeing an excellent model. Also that you have a nice flight line there as well. Thanks for sharing,

  5. Justin, Ahhh a bubble top Spitfire, or as I believe to be the most beautiful Spitfire design made
    (I know those are fighting words to some of you Spitfire purist !). However they do look cool. Especially when they are built this nice. Well done !

  6. A great looking square-wing Spit! Nicely painted and finished. Well done.

  7. Sweet build! I have the overtrees version in my “to-do” pile - could never figure out why they split the engine hood.

    • I know! It's insane given how fantastic the kit is overall. The cynic in me thinks it's to maintain demand for their aftermarket resin engine cover but I suspect it has more to do with mold capacity/volume

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