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1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 6

Its time for another update on the MB 326 build,
I made some good progress over the last two weekends and managed to get a lot done.
Finished all the control surfaces and flaps, started scribing and riveting the whole model, this took quite a lot of time and patience, found out that I suffer from a severe case of Tourette syndrome. Every time I started to scribe, the scriber just went and did its own thing, very frustrating at the best of times. But I managed to persevere and get it done.

Vac Formed the canopy without any issues, sanded to fit and I was really happy with the way it came together. A few more little touch ups to do and I should look at putting some paint on by the end of the month.
Starting with the undercarriage next.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, please excuse my work table, it just stays messy no matter how often I clean it.

Stay safe,


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10 responses

  1. That's fantastic work Marc, coming together very nicely!

  2. Your builds always amaze me Marc... @marc

    You guys that can scratch build a model from a 3 view drawing are in a league of your own. I especially like how you have offset the control surfaces. Another neat touch is the small lightening holes you added to the base of the fin and horizontal stabilizer. The canopy turned out great ! Soon you will be spraying some color on yours. This is some remarkable work on display right here.

    Occasionally I suffer from Tourette syndrome too... I have been using a "Rosie the Riveter" tool on the 1/48 scale Monogram B-24 model. It takes a little practice but I'm starting to get the hang of it now.

    I hope that things are getting better over there with the virus. Take care buddy and stay safe.


    • Hey Louis.
      Thanks for the comment Buddy, Well, we are still at Stage 4 lock down, and it seems that it will remain like this for a while, we are well, just trying to stay healthy. My Wife has cabin fever, as for me, I am happy staying at home, I just build, FANTASTIC.
      Scribing is always a challenge, but I am happy with the result.
      Take care of yourself and family.

  3. I think it is the nature of all scribers to test the patience of the user! I was going to say I'm amazed by the uniformity of your panel and revet lines, but I've come to expect such precision by you! And holy cow - if you consider this a dirty worktable, I work in slum!

  4. Masterful work !

  5. Hi Marc - Hope all's going well down south and your family's all OK. No need to apply any Tourettes over the state of your woork space. By comparison with mine, yours is a paragon or organised chaos - mine is just chaos. Currently scattered over mine in semi completed form are a Rutan Quickie (1/48) and another Emil (1/24). The Quickie may feature soon as a finished article, but it's tiny!

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