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1/72 Hasegawa G3M2/3 Nell

I built this as part of the iModeler "Empire of Japan" group build now under way. I had this in the stash since 2006 and it always looked nice in the box, so thanks for the inspiration to build it.

It was a great kit...good fit throughout and nicely engineered. A little basic inside, but in this scale, I think it's fine. The only challenge was masking the 75 individual panes on the clear parts...most of which are curved surfaces. There are masking sets out there, which I didn't realize until I was half-done. Oh well!


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  1. Don't matter as you aced the masking job. Nice build of a nice looking aircraft.

  2. Great build. Superb job on the masking. Glad it was you and not me.

  3. Mike, @mlicari
    Thank you very much for participating in our Empire of Japan group build. Your G3M turned out marvelous. I really wish that a main stream company like Tamiya, Hasegawa, ICM, Revell, etc., would make one of these in a larger 1/48 scale.

    Your masking work came out great too. I didn't envy you for that task especially with all those tiny windows ! I have a G4M "Betty" that will keep me busy with taping, and you will probably see it appear in our group, in the near future.

    I guess the timing was right to bring it out and build it. Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement. There's still plenty of time left, so if you have any others, please don't hesitate.

  4. That's a fantastic outcome, Mike. Looks astonishing! Gotta build one, too.
    All the best!

  5. Excellent, Mike! I enjoyed watching this one come together.

  6. Very nice camo scheme. I built the LS/Arii kit a few years ago, at the time it was the only Nell I could find. Then Hase finally produced this and a couple of other variants. There was no masking set for this kit (as far as I know the LS kit still has no masking set for it) and it seemed it took forever to mask it. I didn't count the individual panels, now I know. Another well done and rarely seen Japanese medium bomber. Which could also be configured to launch a torpedo. Thanks for sharing a rare one Mike, well done.

  7. splendid model

  8. Sharp-looking model; love the camo!

  9. Nicely done Mike, great paint job on this rarely seen A/C as well. And seventy two panes of glass, that my friend is some kind of patience.

  10. Very sharp Nell. Would love to have an injected mold kit of this in 1/48.

  11. Thanks everyone! It was fun to build. I's a nice looking airplane, so I'm surprised you don't see this kit built very often (Hasegawa also released it with a torpedo).

  12. Nice clean Nell - great work!

  13. Nicely done Mike. Definitely one kit I would love to see in 1/48th injection molded.

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