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Classic Kit: Airfix Lockheed Hudson I Kit 05034

March 5, 2022 · in Aviation · · 25 · 1.5K

Last year iModeler member Tom Bebout sent me some kits with the request I would build them. I told him I would and here is the first one of them. It is an older kit with the original first issued in 1963 as kit 386. As I began to build it I soon began to like this pudgy little fat fellow. First thing I did was sand down the rivets and second thing was to figure out how to improve the clear parts. Common with Airfix kits with cabin window is that there is always a nice big sink mark in the middle of the clear piece. For the nose windows I used Microset Clear window glue which worked OK. On the side fuselage windows I sanded and polished out the parts hoping to remove the sink mark. It worked on some and others it didn't.

To seal the side windows I experimented with two kinds of clear glue on the inside to prevent them from popping off. Unfortunately the interaction between the clear gorilla glue and the other clear glue caused some white specks on the windows. Lesson learned. Practice on a test kit before using it on a build.

I masked the fuselage windows with a mask ordered off eBay. The canopy frames are thin strips of decal painted with the correct color. The paints are from Tamiya (sky), AK (Dark Earth) and Mission Models (green). I used blue tac to mask the camo pattern and it worked well. The decals were slightly out of register so I replace the roundels, codes and fin flash markings with decals from my spares binder. I flattened the finish with Dullcote. The motto on the side of fuselage is supposed to be on each side. I screwed up the starboard side ones so only the port side has them. The nose cap, lower clear part and turret are glued in place with clear Elmer's glue.

Somewhere on the floor or on my bench is a small landing gear door that popped off, but is not noticeable.

So here it is Tom, built out of the box with decals being the only changes. Thank you for you gift and, I hope you like it. The next one will be the Monogram 1/48 TBF.

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  1. Looks fantastic, David! So nice to see classic kits built in excellence!

  2. Great job on this very old kit, you should also add the Airfix Hampden to your collection.

  3. Amazing result on this oldie, David @thevid
    Always nice to see those kits still being build, especially with this beautiful result.

  4. David,

    You have brought out the best in this kit. Airfix managed to capture the look and feel of the Hudson and your gifts and talents show why this is a classic.

    Two thumbs up.

    • Thank you Stephen! I really appreciate it. When I build another I know what steps need to be taken to prevent the minor bloopers I made. I tried to replace the propellers with those from an Airfix B-24 but they were too wide and struck the fuselage. I had to use the kit ones.

  5. I did several of these back in '63. Mine never looked this good.

  6. What a great result David.
    Portly this plane is but oh, so capable !
    Your work give it justice. Very nice.

    • Thank you Bernard! There are great scenes in the Technicolor movie with Andy Rooney where his unit ferries brand new Hudson's to England. I forget the name but I recommend it if only for the color flying scenes.

  7. Love it! One of my favorite kits since I saw the one my dad built in the sixties. Finally did one of my own a few years back. Great job!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. OMG you built it and a fine looking Hudson I say. Nicely done David, and maybe we'll meet up at Dayton on the 26th. Hand salute from the old soldier.

    • Hi Tom,

      Sorry for the lateness of the project. I took several months off to work on my photography and then had a heart attack in December. I'm doing much better now and I have all the kits you sent me under my work bench. I'm looking forward to building the Monogram TBF since I've never done one.

      Thanks again Tom,


      ps: I'm not able to travel just yet. I really would like to visit.

  9. Great build, David! Removing the rivets usually helps the looks of many of these old kits in 1/72 scale…
    Yours came out really nice, especially on this paint scheme.

  10. A great job on this classic! stay well!

  11. Nice work, David! I built that one long ago too.

    • Thank you John. This is the first time I've built this kit and I liked it. I remember the first Airfix kit I bought was the P-61 Black Widow. I rode the bus all day to get to the hobby shop. When I got home it was missing a top wing. I was too shy to complain about it since I was 11 or 12. I did try to use plaster to fill in the top wing but no go.

  12. Nicely done! Love seeing the old kits built up.

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