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1:48 Revell B-25 J Mitchell “Januty Jo”

It’s been awhile since I posted any builds, so I figured I’d add another B-25 to the site. This is my first quarantine build, which has helped keep me sane through this surreal world.

The Real Story

The unfortunate thing about his particular plane it that the only record and/or photos I could find of it are sadly from its final mission. The full story of which is well documented here.

The Build

Not much to be said about the build as this kit has been around forever and is still a throwback to the models of the 70s & 80s. I added what I thought was enough fishing sinkers in the nose to allow it to sit without the step ladder holding up the rear, but evidently I did not use enough as it still “wheelies”. Oh well, it’s not like I’m entering it into a competition.

That’s all folks, keep building and stay as safe as possible.

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  1. Great looking B-25!

  2. Very nice indeed!

  3. Nice work.

    One thing I do when I have a "problematic" nose sit is flatten the tires, then set the tire so the flat edge is "up" a tiny bit in front - which means the real "sit" is to the rear, which promotes nose sitting while not looking obvious.

  4. Awesome build! that's some mission photo.

  5. Well done Matt, that old kit can still be made into a great looking model with a little TLC. She looks great.

  6. Great job congratulations

  7. Really good build. The Monogram kit is a great kit despite its age and can produce a top result as your build demonstrates.

  8. Hey Matt,
    This is a great build of one of my favorite WW2 twin engine planes. The Monogram B-25J still builds into a very respectable model if you spend a little time with it as you have done here... well done my friend !

    Our family had several members who piloted (or were crew members in) the B-25 during WW2. I built a tribute model to one of them who was a top turret gunner, flying with the 321st Bomb Group in the MTO . Sadly he was killed when his plane took a hit from an 88 over the target. He flew several missions in a B-25J named "Stuff" so that's the plane I built as a tribute to him.

    The other family member was a pilot who flew B-25's in the SW Pacific. Sadly he too was killed on a training mission. He flew with the 100th Bomb Squadron, 42nd Bomb Group called the "Crusaders". I have plans to build a tribute model to him in the near future using the same Monogram B-25J.

    Thanks for taking the time to post your model. Freedom isn't free...


  9. There are some kits that are classic and still hold their own. Regardless of the weighty issues the girlie art and the over all build is excellent. Two thumbs up Matt.

  10. Nice work on that kit, I would agree those kits still hold up pretty well even today. I have seen that picture many times, nice to see the plane immortalized in the picture, represented so nicely by your build.

  11. Fantastic job, Matt! I have built exactly the same kit, not as good as yours though. I read the story with great interest; it was "moving" to see the Jaunty Jo seconds before meeting its fate; and very sad to see the crash site afterwards.
    All the best!

  12. The B-25 is one of my favorites. Yours looks fantastic! Great job.

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