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Monogram 1/48 B-25J Mitchell

The 498th Bombardment Squadron was first organized at Columbia Army Air Base, South Carolina, in September 1942, as one of the four original squadrons of the 345th Bombardment Group. Upon finishing training with B-25 Mitchells, the [...]

Revell's 1/48 B-25J Mitchell "Jaunty Jo"

This kit was a bit of a bear. Not surprising considering they are still using the mold from 1977. I had several fights with the seams, including the fuselage seams popping in places. I don't know if the plastic was just being impervious [...]

1:48 Revell B-25 J Mitchell “Januty Jo”

It’s been awhile since I posted any builds, so I figured I’d add another B-25 to the site. This is my first quarantine build, which has helped keep me sane through this surreal world. The unfortunate thing about his particular plane [...]