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Fine Molds 1/72 Kyushu Q1W1 “Lorna”

The Lorna was an anti-submarine aircraft used by the Japanese in WW2. Obviously a close copy of the Ju-88, the Lorna could be equipped with both radar and MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detection). This is a great kit that was a dream to build. I tried some weathering techniques using artist’s oil paint and mineral spirits to simulate faded and salt-stained paint. I built this kit for the Empire of Japan Group, but wanted to add a quick post here. If you want a full description of the build, you can find it in the EoJ Group. Cheers, and everyone stay safe.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to Fine Molds 1/72 Kyushu Q1W1 “Lorna”

  1. Congratulations George @gblair! This is an amazing result.
    I loved this final part of decalling and weathering. Trully excellent, hand painted fin details included.
    Having followed this build from the start, please allow me to state your:
    Excellent kit choice
    Deep research for the subject
    GREAT building, detailing, painting, recalling, weathering…
    Outstanding sharing of info in this EoJ Group Build
    All in all, it was pure joy to follow your build, Sir; I am deeply amazed.
    All the best, my friend!

  2. Hello George.

    Your “Lorna” looks amazing. I have been following your build every step of the way. It was a type that I never knew existed before. It does indeed resemble the Ju-88, only it’s a smaller counterpart. I have been learning so much about the subject of the Japanese Empire, and hope that this continues. I have seen the backwards “C” before on other Japanese aircraft, but never knew what it indicated until I read what you posted about this during your well documented journal.

    You nailed it my friend, and yours looks as if you had both a time machine and the capacity to shrink down a full sized example to 1/72 scale…….

    How did you manage to bring one back home with you ???

    Thanks again for participating in our ever growing group. Two thumbs up and a great big “liked”.

  3. First time I gave seen this kit built. I think you have done an excellent job.

  4. Great stuff. Fading and salting are just right. Excellent canopy masking too.

  5. It has been a joy to follow this build in groups with all the ponderings and explanations during the process. Well done!

  6. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the kind words. The kit is certainly 99% of the reason this came out well. I have several more Fine Molds kits that may move forward in the build line.

  7. Nicely done George, especially on an A/C that I never knew exist. Looks good.

  8. Great Job on this George. Builds of this quality at this scale, the ‘Gentleman’s Scale’, simply amaze me. I for one cannot fathom working in it. To semi-quote one of my favorite song writers, “like the jitter bug It plum evaded(s) me.” Great work!

  9. That turned out great, George. Thanks for building and sharing this unique plane.

  10. Fantastic! I’ve never seen one of these built – I’m going to have to look for one now that it is in 1/72!! You did a fantastic job on this (I was going to ask about canopy masks – but see you already answered that one! I’m in!!).

  11. The weathering based on your photos looks right on the money, George! What a fantastic build! You have been a little too modest – however much the kit fits it still needs building and you have shown in your WIP thread just how much skill this took. Congratulations on a great choice and first class execution!

  12. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the nice words. I had been thinking about doing a jet next, but I have an old (very old) Otaki Ki-44 in 1/48 scale. I found some photos of some late war Ki-44’s in an all-black paint scheme. One of the pictures shows a plane with the white bands on each wing and fuselage under the hinomarus (I think the bands signify homeland defense aircraft). All-black may be challenge, but I think it will look cool if I can pull it off.

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