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Monogram HU-16B Albatross – my Father’s plane

May 17, 2020 · in Aviation · · 28 · 2.5K

First post on this incredible site. I'm an RC guy who has recently rediscovered my youth in plastic airplanes. I have a LOT to learn from the talent on this site, so thank you to all of the contributors.

For years I've wanted to build a replica of my Father's HU-16B from the early 60's. This particular was in the service of the Strategic Air Command based in Goose Bay Air Force Base in Newfoundland where my Father served in the early 60's. One day my Father and I were researching his plane and come to realize the actual plane is sitting in the SAC Museum in Nebraska. Now I had to build it!

My Wife picked up an old kit for one of my Christmas presents. If any of you are familiar with that kit, the raised rivets are something to behold. Needless to say, this thing took some work but the journey was fun. I learned a lot, made mistakes, and it's far from the quality of other builds on this site, but it's a special plane to me and I guess that's what counts. This version is ‘Museum ready' with little to no weathering. I also included a pic taken my my Dad of it sitting on a breakwall where they overshot the landing in heavy fog. Much different than the pic of the same plane sitting in the museum.

When I showed my Father the finished project, he reminded me how much he loved flying in that plane. Thanks for looking.

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  1. Beautiful build of a classic kit! Welcome to the group! You will discover I'm one of the resident Monogram lovers, so this right up my alley!

  2. This is a very nice kit! I built it age 9 and even tweeked the landing gear somit rolls and retracts. Yes the raised rivets were there, I remember. The plastic als looked like metal I remember. I think I still have it somewhere in the loft. Thanks for posting and welcome to this site, you will like the people and level here!

  3. My dad was a career naval aviator. Back in the 60s and 70s he was building 1/72 models of the planes he flew. In the 70s I built the Monogram Albatross for him. He flew them while teaching Aviation Sciences at the Naval Academy in the 50s. He'd take cadets up for orientation flights. I now have it on my shelf. Oldest built model in my collection. Yours is a much nicer build than mine. Great job.

  4. Very nice build. The Fairfield AFB Heritage centre has one on the tarmac. I love this plane !
    I have one in my stash and waiting to build up my skill in painting before I start on it !

  5. Nicely done! Never new SAC flew these. welcome aboard.

  6. @dion-dunn, thank you for sharing your trip down memory lane - great background to your build! Welcome aboard this great site - looking forward to more from your workbench!

  7. If you do Facebook you should post this on the Monogram Scale Models page!

  8. This is a really great result with that old dinosaur of a kit. I like this a lot, and the history makes it very special.

  9. Outstanding result.

  10. That's a great result of a great plane of this vintage kit, Dion @dion-dunn. Looks amazing! Your story makes it unique. Welcome aboard!

  11. Well done Dion, she doesn't look like a 5 footer from here. Great story to go along with your build. Built one awhile ago, I too sanded off all those rivets and added some detail to the gear plus some larger wheels. The kit wheels just didn't look right and my version is posted on iModeler. Welcome aboard you'll really like this site and the folks here.

  12. Looks great! I seem to remember a similar position when I was learning to water ski in my youth - ended up much further up the beach than intended with face planted firmly in the sand...

  13. Really a great result in a vintage model. Very inspiring. Congratulation, Dion.

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