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Boeing 777-31H/ER "Emirates"

Greetings all,

My latest completion is 's 1/144th scale Boeing 777-300ER finished in Emirates colours courtesy of .

This kit is an absolute joy to build, with no filler required. Levels of detail are great and a huge step up over the previous Minicraft Triple-Seven kits. If you are looking for a nice and simple build with no hassle, this kit comes highly recommended.

Best regards to all,

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8 responses

  1. Looks great, Thomas!

  2. Nice work Tom, I must get one of mine built.

  3. Excellent build and it's as real nice model as I built their "DREAMLINER" several years ago. When I saw the kit for sale I wondered about the name of "ZVEZDA" so I said to myself: "Its' gotta be as good as any Monogram kit!"
    My airliner was posted here on "iModeler" last October in an "IN-PROGRESS" build, showing several segments of constructions.
    I have built several airline models and this kit by Zvezda tops the list for excellent parts, especially the engines which come in several parts. The fan blades are out-of-sight.

    Go buy a couple as they will be the best airline's you have ever owned.

  4. Very nice, Thomas. Fit & finish super.
    Agree with you on the Minicraft triple-7 kit...lousy; got it when it came out some years ago, sent email to them telling them of the problems, got a note from the owner advising me that it was a great kit and told me to back-off; I went back & told him to focus on doing much better kits rather than arguing with folks who buy their kits. Also, agree on the Zvezda airliners...they are very well done, state of the art.

  5. Its amazing how unevenly model companies render something as straightforward as an airliner. Minicraft did a splendid job with the DC-8, but their 707s are just atrocious. ZVEZDA seems to knock it out of the park, every time they go up to bat...

  6. Me again...Here's my Dreamliner...Rodney

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Thanks for the tips.
    Cool small jetliner you built!

  8. Nicely done Thomas, looks good.

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