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"Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!" Jupiter 2, Lost in Space TOS, Polar Lights 1/60ish.

June 24, 2020 · in Sci-fi · · 9 ≡

This is kit of the Jupiter 2 from the 1960's TV series, which wasn't bad until the second season when the stories got a bit silly. In those days I think for some of us we were all a little lost in space. The kit is some what toy like, it does have an interior but I didn't do much with it. The two vehicles are Johnny lightning Die cast, the Space Pod and the Chariot both of which were featured on the show. The furry alien is a nosy walk on.

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  1. Warning ! Warning Will Robinson ... You brought back some TV memories with this one...


  2. I distinctly remember holding a crush on the blond...

  3. Now that brings back some memories!
    I remember Dr. Smith being most annoying and the catchy phrases "Does not Compute" & "Aliens Approaching".

  4. Now that brings back some old memories. Looks really good.


  5. I liked the show too, I was partial towards Penny myself. Honestly no matter how Jupiter 2 looks like, it was a pretty plain saucer designed space ship. Rather plain and looked toy like in the show. Regardless nice work Robert, the setting of the dio is perfect.

  6. That's a lovely diorama, Robert!
    Brings back lots of memories!

  7. Great memories invoked by this build. That hairy creature is nearly as big as that weird giant from one of the episodes.

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