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Revell 1/72 DHC-6 Twin Otter

June 23, 2020 · in Aviation · · 25 · 3.1K

Hi There,

I picked this up last year for much cheapness and decided to give it a go over my long weekend. Innis advised me that the Sea Plane version was the one to go for so here it is in all it's amateurish glory.

I found trying to get the windows to stay in place nigh on impossible so the cabin windows were microscaled but I had to use maskol to cover up the side cockpit windows as they were in serious danger of falling inside so the masking is not up to a standard that I would like to have.

Primed with Mr. Finishing Surfacer White,
Painted with gloss white and Colourcoats Oxford Blue
Finished with Windsor & Newton Satin Varnish.

It's off to Innis tonight as he fell in love with it on a visit today.
As always Thanks for looking and all comments and criticism welcome.


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  1. This looks great, Alistair. Striking paint scheme. All you need is water.

  2. Great job there! Love how the tail looks.

  3. A water base is easy to make by usIng ordinary "Future Floor Wax," some times called "Pledge." I made two bases, using 1/4" foam board and included some fine sand from a nearby river. Email me at "[email protected]" for some photos.

  4. Hi Alistair!
    This is one of the kits one loves to see built!
    And it's built in a great way. Looks very cool!
    All the best!

  5. Hello Alistair,
    Excellent result on this 7 Euro kit.
    It does not always have to be expensive, to get a good result.
    Regards, Dirk

  6. Nice and clean build, Alistair.
    You don't see those models that often.
    For this price and the way you build it, it is always a win.

  7. Nice paint scheme on a nice build and that is a lot of windows.
    A bit envious as painting with white has always been an issue with my painting.
    Thanks for sharing - you got a great result.

    • Thanks very much.

      I've found that this stuff makes the white painting a lot easier.
      Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 White thinned with Self-Levelling Thinner as a primer.


  8. Fun build. Keep it up !
    My dad that flew large jets took a break from the Tokyo route years ago and flew a twin otter between Brussels and London for a year. He loved that plane and enjoyed the way it handled

  9. Not bad at all @alistairfgauld. I have one in progress in the group section, and one more finished - and a few in the stash, so needless to say, I really like Twin Otters. As you point out it is not a new kit, but it is the only one in 1/72 around. For the passengerwindows I used Tamiya thin glue, and it generally works very well. Be careful to apply it on the fuselage though, as even the smallest drop will be visible. I did sand and polish my windows on the second plane, and the glue had no problems being handled like that.

    One minor detail that I would correct here if at all possible is the exhaust color, but only impossible nerds like me will notice 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Looks very nice!

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