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This is my version of the great Lockheed PV-1 Ventura, the plane that replaced the Hudson. Apparently much reviled by the RAF (unmmaneuverable and under-armed) , it was put to wide use by the USAAF (amongst others). This is BuNo 48891, flown by Lt. ‘Butch’ Mason, based in Attu, Alaska, 1944; part of numerous bombing sorties in the Pacific, the plane was finally lost at sea in 1945.

Revell’s kit is a fantastic build - large parts that fit together cleanly, unfussy engineering and a decent degree of detail. It was nearly all OOB, with just the addition of an Airfix pilot and a Tamiya navigator as no figures were included. Even though it was not designed for an in-flight option, the gear bay doors fit perfectly anyway - although the tail wheel doors needed a little surgery.

Once built, it’s a large canvas. With broad, nearly monochrome areas, it invites invention in the paint work to provide some variety. These planes were flown to the point of exhaustion, and that was my aim - to convey a well-worn machine near the end of it’s functional life. I used a lot of Mission Model paints, which build in transparent layers pretty well. Masking in different ways (liquid masks, salt, tape, etc.) broke up the surfaces and the weathering across them - a really addictive process.

Thanks for looking!

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27 responses

  1. Great build and presentation, exquisite photography as well! Kudos!

  2. Fantastic looking Ventura! Your weathering on the Ventura is superb. Well done!

  3. Very nice indeed. Seems like you used the entire toolbox for that paint adventure.

  4. Beautiful finish! How did you photograph this?

  5. Beautifully Done!

  6. Tim, always love seeing your work. The paint and weathering are one thing, and the photography.. well it's icing on the cake. Great work!

  7. Beautifully done! I have this kit and am saving these pics as a reference.

  8. Thanks very much, everyone! I appreciate the support!

    Ilan, in response to your question, I used a Nikon SLR to photo the model. I lit it from two sources, about the same distance apart, against a white paper backdrop. For each angle, I took multiple photos using a wide aperture, shifting the focus over about 5 shots. I could then import these to Photoshop and combine them to make a single, in-focus image. For some, I edited out the stand the plane sits on for the fun of seeing it fly - easy enough against a stark white background.

    Hope that helps. Cheers!

  9. Really nice and an unusual subject. Really need to learn some weathering!

  10. Nicely done, looks great wheels up!

  11. Really excellent paintwork. Highly realistic.

  12. I've built this model, too, and thought it was great. Yours is so beautiful that I'm inspired to build another. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Great job on this Tim @timtozer231, really well done!

  14. Tim very nice work on this build, I like the very realistic paint scheme, definitely gives that harsh condition look of the area it operated in. Well done !

  15. Great build. Very convincing paint.

  16. Thank you for all the comments - makes it worth the effort, really. I admire and respect all the work I see here, and it's an honor to be part of the community. Cheers!

  17. Beautiful build and paint work! I love the variety of colors you were able to bring out and end up with such a wonderful interesting scheme. I think the plane just looks good from any angle and posing it in flight really shows it off. Very nice Work!

  18. Great job Tim.
    Your weathering process turned out very well.
    I really do like the entire painting and weathering of this aircraft.

  19. This looks fantastic, Tim!
    All said by the above gents:
    Excellnt building, painting, weathering and presentation!

  20. Looks great!

  21. The Ventura is really an elegant looking airplane. You don't usually see models with the gear up, so this one looks particularly cool.

  22. Beautiful build - love the weathering and paint work!

  23. Hello Tim,
    Master Modeler.
    Excellent weathering and photographing.
    A joy to study the pictures.. Regards, Dirk

  24. Outstanding work! Your weathering is especially well done. I have the skit in the stash, and am glad to hear it goes together so easily.

  25. Hi Tim. Seeing your model is an absolute treat & what a great recommendation for the kit. Revell should send you a big thank you! Yours is the first one I've seen built & I will be keeping a look out for the kit as a result of your fine workmanship. The RAAF flew some & there's one in Queensland undergoing (very slow) restoration. Just beautiful photography too!

    • Thanks, Tony! Very kind comments. Seems like for the scale and level of engineering in the kit, it's pretty good value for money. Hope you enjoy building it if you can get your hands on one. Cheers!

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