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Yokosuka D4Y1-C Suisei (Judy) 1/72 Fujimi

June 30, 2020 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2.4K

I thought that I would do a quick 1 week build of a plane which impressed me the first time I read up on it – the .

This Kit C-16 is labelled as a D4Y1-C which, according to Google/Wiki, was the first D4Y variant to see combat debuting as a reconnaissance aircraft when two pre-production D4Y1-Cs embarked aboard the Sōryū to take part in the Battle of Midway in 1942.

The instructions follow suit as being a Recon, the bombing sight was included in the kit but the instructions left it out.

Well, what I thought would have been a quick weekend build but a little lengthy experiment with paints which fought with me right to the end and things finally came around when I fell back on the Tamiya XF-11 & XF-12 for the main colours.

Decals went on well but felt like bristol board at first, but seemed to conform quite well and the panel line showed through.

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  1. Not so long ago i had made one pice of D4Y and I thought that there would be no more D4Y. The reason for that is that I thought that only Fine Molds is making this kit and I was not aware that there is anoder manufacturer.
    You totally manage. VERY NICE AND GOOD LOOKING pice.
    How you find the FUJIMI kit?
    Best regards

    • Thank you Lukasz.
      I really like this Fujimi kit #C-16, the Cockpit is very minimal and the gear doors are very thick but has nice recessed lines and the cockpit glass fits well.
      It was a straight forward with only a little filling required.
      I found mine on-line at Plaza Hobby in Japan. Problem is shipping from Japan.
      You can also try Super Hobby in Poland - they have several variants in stock, with code fjm722603 (C-16) & fjm722610 (C-8)
      Hope this helps

  2. Not so often seen model.
    You made it look very nice George.
    My complements on this build.

    • Thanks for the compliments John.
      I thought the 1/72 would be too small but I was wrong - it was just big enough.
      I think the slightly bigger B7A2 Grace will be next, also Fujimi.

  3. Impressive build

  4. Looks great! I have this same kit, and may get to it for the Empire GB...

  5. That's a lovely model, George @georgeswork, not often seen.
    Excellent work on that canopy!
    Waiting eagerly for your next project!

  6. I like your D4Y1! Great painting! What kind of primer did you use for the paint? If you allow some constructive criticism, I would question the designation of the plane. First of all, the IFF yellow stripes are definitely not the time of the Battle of Midway. Once. Two, there is no description of the original or a good photo based on fujimi made this model allegedly from the aircraft carrier Soryu. The bombs in this version are unnecessary, because due to the imperfections of the construction, the first ones were used only as reconnaissance ones.

    • Thanks Lis (@lis), I think I started using AK Real Colours coating the whole plane with RC302 IJN grey but I messed up with thinning and masking, so I fell back to the Tamiya XF-11/XF-12 paints.

      Thanks for the info - I did not know about the timing of the yellow, but now I do 😉

      Basically, I just built out of box with the decals and parts provided.

      After this post, I did find another build (1/48) on a different site which noted there were 2 prototypes posted as Recons on the Souryu during Midway. The other 48th build does not have the leading edge yellow and they have double ID bands on the rear fuselage with red tail ID markings.

      Here is the Fujimi kit paint diagram.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Yellow IFF stripes was painted after order from HQ after November 1942. Mabye You should try Gunze? It's very nice brand. Judy, I think, will be look nice in combination H59 Green + H61 Gray. I am like the unfaithful apostle Thomas. If I don't find photo I don't trust any paint diargams 😉 I have the same problem with D3A1. No photo of plane from paint diagram! So I cut decals and made tail number from photo that I found 🙂

    PS. AK paints have always tempted me. You say that they did not come true?

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