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Yokosuka D4Y1-C Suisei (Judy) 1/72 Fujimi

I thought that I would do a quick 1 week build of a plane which impressed me the first time I read up on it – the D4Y Judy.

This Fujimi Kit C-16 is labelled as a D4Y1-C which, according to Google/Wiki, was the first D4Y variant to see combat debuting as a reconnaissance aircraft when two pre-production D4Y1-Cs embarked aboard the Sōryū to take part in the Battle of Midway in 1942.

The instructions follow suit as being a Recon, the bombing sight was included in the kit but the instructions left it out.
Well, what I thought would have been a quick weekend build but a little lengthy experiment with paints which fought with me right to the end and things finally came around when I fell back on the Tamiya XF-11 & XF-12 for the main colours.
Decals went on well but felt like bristol board at first, but seemed to conform quite well and the panel line showed through.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Yokosuka D4Y1-C Suisei (Judy) 1/72 Fujimi

  1. Not so long ago i had made one pice of D4Y and I thought that there would be no more D4Y. The reason for that is that I thought that only Fine Molds is making this kit and I was not aware that there is anoder manufacturer.
    You totally manage. VERY NICE AND GOOD LOOKING pice.
    How you find the FUJIMI kit?
    Best regards

    • Thank you Lukasz.
      I really like this Fujimi kit #C-16, the Cockpit is very minimal and the gear doors are very thick but has nice recessed lines and the cockpit glass fits well.
      It was a straight forward with only a little filling required.
      I found mine on-line at Plaza Hobby in Japan. Problem is shipping from Japan.
      You can also try Super Hobby in Poland – they have several variants in stock, with code fjm722603 (C-16) & fjm722610 (C-8)
      Hope this helps

  2. Not so often seen model.
    You made it look very nice George.
    My complements on this build.

  3. Impressive build

  4. Looks great! I have this same kit, and may get to it for the Empire GB…

  5. That’s a lovely model, George @georgeswork, not often seen.
    Excellent work on that canopy!
    Waiting eagerly for your next project!

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