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1/48 Fine Molds Mitsubishi Ka-14

July 17, 2020 · in Aviation · · 30 · 1.9K

This is my first group build for The Empire of Japan. I’m a big fan of Japanese aircraft so I thought I should join the group. I love the animation “The Wind Rises” and I didn’t know about this plane till I saw the movie. The plane was designed by Jiro Horikoshi and it is a beauty!

This kit went together really well and didn't really have any problems with it except for self inflicted ones. It was painted with Alclad Aluminum, a couple different Mr. Color Silvers and Tamiya for the red. The Hinomaru's were painted as well. A little weathering was done with oils and soft pastels.

Here's a log of the build if interested. Thanks

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  1. It has been a real pleasure to follow this build in the EoJ group - Well done my friend!

  2. You did a fantastic job, Jeremy!
    Such a beautiful plane, wonderfully built.
    Me too had the pleasure to follow the build through the EoJ GB!
    Thanks for having me as a passenger at this quality trip!

  3. A very nice looking machine

  4. Nice work and a great result!

  5. Very nice build Jeremy.
    Also saw “The Wind Rises” - Great movie based on Jiro Horikoshi and his design.
    Fantastic look on the finish.

  6. Two of my favorites: Miyazaki and Horikoshi! Spectacular work on a classic plane.

  7. Terrific finish on a really well-built model. Great job.

  8. Beautifully built kit. I'm also a fan of the movie.

  9. Hello Jeremy, @jmillan
    I has been a pleasure watching your build as it progressed. Having finished mine a little while ago, the build is still very fresh in my memory. Everything you stated about the kit is spot on, as this is a wonderful little model. When I built mine, I didn't need any filler, the fit was that good.

    This Mitsubishi aircraft was an important step in the development of Japanese aviation. It had many firsts... and it's a shame that we don't see more of these built. It's a very appealing plane with graceful lines.

    You captured the look very well. The paint is spectacular. Thank you for participating in our Empire of Japan group build. There is still a lot of time left should you decide to tackle another project.

    Well done my friend, and I pressed the "liked" button too...

    • Thank you for the kind words Louis. I had a lot of fun building this kit. I kind of fell in love with it. It’s a beautiful airplane that has a very unique look. I love the history of it as well. Your build was an inspiration too.

      Thanks again and I will definitely be doing another Empire of Japan build before it ends. Cheers

      • Jeremy, @jmillan
        This pleases me to hear that some of my builds are inspirational to some. That is the ultimate compliment. Thank you VERY much and I sincerely mean this.

        I will be looking forward to seeing more of your work in our ever growing Empire of Japan GB. Any thoughts on what your next build might be ?

        Take care, and stay safe.

        • Well I only have 3 Japanese planes left in my stash and two of them are Zero’s. So I’ll probably do a Zero. It is one of my favorite planes. I have a nice Hasegawa George kit as well... I need to get an Oscar too. Haha.

          Take care Louis.

  10. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice one Jeremy, love that subtle weathering, very convincing and well applied.
    The finish is just outstanding.

  11. This plane is indeed a beauty as well as your build, Jeremy.
    The metal painting came out very well.

  12. She's a beauty Jeremy, job well done.

  13. Nice looking plane Jeremy. Glad you included a photo of the box art on your EoJ build log. I’ll make a point of watching the movie.

  14. Thanks Eric. It’s a cool movie.

  15. Really beautiful build! I wasn't familiar with this aircraft, and will now have to see if there's on in 1/72! Well done.

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