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1/48th Super Etendard Modernise

Here are a few photos of my most recent build, the . Super-Etendard Modernise. I have always loved the sexy lines of this jet, in fact, I like most of Dassault's jet designs. I actually fly one of their business jets, the Falcon 7X, for a living.

This is the Kinetic offering. The final product came out okay, but the kit was kind of a mixed bag. Some parts fit flawlessly while others didn't fit at all. Fortunately, the intakes, the outboard folding wing sections and the canopy were three of the parts that fit extremely well. The decals were good as well, with no silvering and they were mostly in register. Not a shake and bake kit, but with patience it builds into a nice replica of the Super-Etendard.



5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses

  1. Looks great, nice color scheme!

  2. That's a brilliant Super Etendard, Scott!
    Agree completely for the sexy lines of Dassault planes!
    Got the 1/48 Heller to build, and now the temptation is rising...
    Well done!

  3. Great job Scot.
    The scheme is beautiful on this Dassault.
    Well done.

  4. Nice work. The Dassault non-Deltas, going back to the Mystere, Super-Mystere, Etendard and Super Etendard, are a nice looking group.

  5. Nice job. I want to build one of those for my Falklands collection. I’m a Dassault fan too, Scott.

  6. Dassault aircraft always look good: just something about them I guess. You've done a great job on this Scott. I just wish there were more kits of their earlier types in 1/48. The Super Mystere for instance.

  7. Well done - I'm also a Dassault fan, and you don't see many Etendard/Super Etendard's built!

  8. Mr. Dassault himself used to say: "to be efficient, a plane must be beautiful". This explains maybe why Dassault airplanes are rarely, if never, ugly.
    In this tradition, your SEM is a very nice rendition. Bravo, Scott!

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