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Dragon 1/72 Mistel 5 He-162/Arado E-377a

August 6, 2020 · in Aviation · · 11 Comments

Hi There,
This was started at the same time as the and has continued a bit longer being worked on whilst doing my Buccaneer.
Three kits in one really. The Trolley and the Arado were little gems that were a joy to build but the Salamander was , well, a pig. Nothing on it fitted where it was supposed to but I think we got there.
This has also been built for the wee man as he really likes a bit of whiffery.

Primed with UMP Grey Primer
Painted with Colourcoats RLM 02, RLM76, Vallejo RLM 66, RLM 81, RLM 82, Xtreme Metals Aluminium, Burnt Metal and Rubber Black.
Final Coat was Windsor and Newton Satin Varnish.
Some Lufwaffe Seatbelts and Albion Alloy tubing were also used.

Disaster struck just as I was ready to take some photos and the box tipped and knocked the engine cover and the loop aerial off. The aerial went the way of most things that hit the floor so I used a piece of Stainless Steel vaping wire bent around a small screwdriver to try and replicate it..

As always,
Thanks for looking.


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11 responses

  1. Nice work on this Mistel, Alistair!
    This is such a cool model!

  2. Now that's something you don't see every day. Nicely done Alistair.

  3. The Mistel combinations are great kits to build. I am eager to start mine ! First a few more try out models before I embark on those.
    I think, if I am not mistaken that the set up you are showing was used against the Soviets with some success. Cold blooded pilots are needed for that ! By that time only inexperienced youngsters were left for the most part.

  4. Beautiful Mistel combination.
    Never saw this combo before, but it looks impressive.

  5. Nicely done, on an unusual subject! Looks great.

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