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Mandalorian AT-ST

August 5, 2020 · in Sci-fi · · 9 · 3.2K

When I saw , I couldn't resist making a version of a .

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  1. Looks great. Love the warpaint. Was the bantha skull painted on the knee of the one on the show? I'll have to go back and check it out. I'm sure there's a lot I missed in my marathon watch!

    I have this, the Snowspeeder and the 1/48 X-wing. I wonder if Bandai will bring the other fighters out in 1/48? (As it is I'm very pleased with what came out in 1/72. Love my B and Y wings!) Can't wait for Mandalorian season 2!

    • Thank you
      It was not 🙂 Thats my nod to mandalorians, its a mythosaur skull

    • I don't think so based on their production sched (there are no more Star Wars models in the pipeline for now) and how much the 1/48 X-Wing cost.

      A 1/48 scale B-wing would be in WNW price territory and it would be huge.

      My improbable model dream is a 1/350 Blockade Runner (but again, probably not happening.)

  2. I like the creative paint job. Stands out from the usual grey AT-ST.

  3. Great! Painwork and weathering stand out!

  4. Amazing! Big fan of the show as well. Weathering and the rust looks awesome.

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