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1/400 Revell Typhoon class and USS Dallas submarines

I was going to do the class submarine as the 'Red October' to make the 2 as part of 'The Hunt for Red October' theme I was doing.

I then did not complete the Typhoon class as the Red October as that would have meant I would need 2 x Typhoon models to cut and join, and that was beyond my present budget.

The is an OOB of this submarine as is the Typhoon class.

Paints used were Vallejo Model Color and these were hand brush painted.

I still need to do some weathering on these and clear coat them with a matt varnish.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses

  1. Wait...they’re both the same scale? I knew the Typhoon was big, but WOW! Great builds, too!

  2. Yes, what a difference in size. Nice work on both!

  3. Fantastic builds, Phillip!
    Great to see them side by side!

  4. Now just add an Alfa Class Russian submarine to this mix and you'll make Tom Clancy proud. Nice work on both. Just seeing these side by side makes me marvel that mankind can create such engineering wonders. It also make me appreciate modeling more since this is about the only way you'll ever see them side-by-side!

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