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1/48 Scale Monogram "F-80 Shooting Star."

September 10, 2020 · in Uncategorized · · 14 Comments

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  1. America changed the name from P-80 to F-80. The "F" stood for "FIGHTER." I don't know when that happened, nor do I know if there were any design changes to this P-80 fighter.

    My first 8"x10" back and white photo of "PN-480" is classified as a P-80 and it came from my WW-II scrapbook. Originally it was given to me by the Navy Commander who was stationed at the U.S. Naval Reserve Station at the Akron, Ohio City Airport.
    The new print was put into my scrapbook around 1947. It, along with more than a 1,100 other airplane photos were taken out and scanned, then put back in the scrapbook.

    I'm trying to think about how I built this model, but it's been 8 years since I did it.
    A couple of photos show me scribing in panel lines and others show the cockpit.

    And remember this: Your model has be as good on it's bottom as it is on the top.
    If you flatten your tires, you "must" scribe in the treads if you have tires with treads and don't forget to "PAINT" the area again. As a local, regional, and IPMS/USA National judge for over 25 years a lot of models never made it to the winning circle because the tires were not re-grooved nor painted.

    • Nice P-80. Guess it must be from pre January 1947, that´s when the red stripes were added to the insignia if I get it right.

      Thanks to higher powers we don´t have those rules in our IPMS competition in Stockholm or any other place in Sweden. Only what can be seen will be judged. No lifting, no rulers nor laser beams to check angles.

      • Stellan: I lived in Region 9 of IPMS/USA (Northern California) and IPMS rules was for the national contest. Each individual region could elect the rule to lift up models or just leave them sit on the table and judge the model. We in R-9 judged the models without picking them up. We judges used small pen lights, and what we called dental mirror's which was a 3/4" round mirror on a 6" long handle. RJW.

  2. That's a great P-80, Rodney. Nice pics showing the scribing process!
    Oh, and that cover photo! I just love seeing the happy pilot wearing just his hat.
    Those were the days!

  3. Nice looking Shooting Star, Rodney.
    Never used this Blue Magic myself, but seems to work pretty well.
    Thanks for the tip about re-scribing those flatten tires.

  4. That’s really well done. That was Monogram’s most disappointing kit in my opinion. Whenever I see one well built, I have to tip my hat. Isn’t it time that someone marketed a decent kit of the F-80? Hobby Boss Tried and struck out.

  5. Applause, Rodney, for your scribing skills/patience on a classic aircraft in a classic box. Well-done...some might say of the turned a sow's ear into a silk purse. Wonderful build.
    Super finish.

  6. Hi Bob Bailey: My models turn out pretty good as I'm in no hurry to build them up fast. An old American Expression from the 1940's was: "Slow you go--fast you don't last!" How I turned out to be a good builder is awesome, it just happened model by model.

    I built from 1977 to 2016 and acquired 301 awards along with 284 models here at home. I built over 2 dozen model's for client's during those years and I always had time to help my wife make the evening meal and other things.

    At 89 years old I just sit here and look at models posted on "iModeler." There are dozens of beautiful models on that site.

    • Hey've had a great life gluing up little airplanes while while meeting duties and responsibilities around the house. Good for you. Keep on posting your treasures from the past...they often serve to motivate many of us to up our game.


      PS This old man is 83 and still globing too much glue on styrene. rab

      • Hi OLD MAN! Well,I had lot's of help learning how to build good models when I lived in San Jose, CA.

        I went to oven a dozen Region-9 contest before I won an "Honorable Mention" award, which was just some words on paper card stock, but I flew out of the contest, (mentally) all the way home...just think...I won an award... WOW!

        When I got real good I started teaching model building on 3 Friday nights a week for several years. I also learned from the guys that I was teaching. In the end it was a wonderful experience.

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