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1/72 Airfix Vosper MTB

September 13, 2020 · in Ships · · 7 · 3K

My Vosper MTB.

All I have replaced is the steps on the rear. Cut the solid ones off and made new ones from thin copper wire, also made a ring on the bow for the anchor rope as well as made a coiled anchor rope, but wire on the side rail and put antennas and mast stays on. The wire on the side rails has since been removed and replaced with 0.30mm rigging thread which looks straighter and about the right thickness.

Portholes were done using white glue to make their glass.

The model was painted using a brush and Vallejo Model Color paints.

Made a new boat number decal as the kit only supplys the numbers 385 - 389.

The rest of the kit is straight OOB - pic of original boat posted as this is what I used for a reference.

This has been done as 382 which was a Vosper 73ft type 1 MTB and was based with the 31st Flotilla at Folkstone:

MTB 382

Vosper type.

Builder: Vosper (Portchester).

Ordered: 10.03.1943.

Completed: 03.07.1944.

31st MTB Flotilla. Sold (1947).

Commanding Officer

07.08.1944 -(10.1945)

T/Lt. J.F. Russell-Smith, RNVR

First Lieutenant

01.07.1944 -(10.1945)

T/S.Lt. J.F. Crewdson, RNVR

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  1. Nice job on a classic kit!

  2. Very nice work Philip . I like that it’s is mostly out of the box.
    I can Not wait to start on the same kit I have in my stash ! First we have to not burn up with all the fires over here !
    I love the torpedo boats.
    Especially that one can build in 1/72 and have a relative size comparison to planes and land vehicles for diorama building.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Many thanks Bernard:

      My next torpedo boat is the 1/72 Revell PT-579/PT-588. This is an American torpedo boat that came out towards the end of the war. The paint job looks to be a lot more difficult to that of the British Vospers. Photos of the box art & the photos I am going to use as a reference for the PT boat. Also 2 more photos of the British Vospers for your reference. Here is link to show the different Vosper MTB numbers and to which flotilla they were based with as well as where that flotilla was:

      10 attached images. Click to enlarge.

      • Thank you for this valuable information Philip.
        I have several torpedo boats to build but was not sure which American boat and model/brand are the best to put together..
        Thanks for the extra photos and info on the PT’s.

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